The medieval social topography of Szeged

The medieval social topography of Szeged

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The medieval social topography of Szeged

Zsolt Máté

periodica polytechnica: Architecture, 40/1 (2009) 29–35


It can be observed that the well-heeled intelligentsia and the wealthy burgesses, – priests, judges, schoolmasters etc, and the craftsmen of privileged trades such as goldsmiths, and the vineyard owners – lived near the centres, mainly in the fortified Palánk or around the churches in Felsõváros and Alsóváros. It is obvious that those, whose trades were connected with agriculture or animal husbandry, lived on the outskirts, making use of good transportation and storage possibilities there. The fine manufacturers and the ones working with great value were clustering in certain areas, probably as a consequence of the guild system. The processed and mapped 411 data of 403 tax payers cover more than a quarter of the 1574 listed households.

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