Crusade: The Heretic’s Secret, Part I

Crusade: The Heretic’s Secret, Part I

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Crusade: The Heretic’s Secret, Part I

By John Wilson

Publisher: Key Porter Books Ltd.

ISBN: 9781554700967

“Kill them all. God will know his own.” This was the advice the crusading Catholic knights were given before they stormed the walls of the heretic Cathar city of Beziers in 1209. They took it to heart and 10,000 people died. Two childhood friends are part of this tragedy. One, Peter, is an assistant to the mysterious priest who leads the crusade; the other, John, with the help of a heretic woman, barely escapes the doomed city with his life. As the brutal war against the Cathars expands, Peter and John are caught up on opposite sides of the search for a secret that might change the world.

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