Two Early Anglo-Saxon Holy Men: Oswald and Cuthbert

Two Early Anglo-Saxon Holy Men: Oswald and Cuthbert

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Two Early Anglo-Saxon Holy Men: Oswald and Cuthbert

By John Corbett

The Anglo-Saxons, synthesis and achievement, edited by J. Douglas Woods, David Anthony Edgell Pelteret (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1985)

Introduction: The history of the Church in Britain during the early Anglo-Saxon period is obscure and controversial. The paucity and uncertainty of our sources makes it difficult to assess the relative importance in that history of Romano-British, Celtic, and Germanic elements. We must make assumptions regarding the roles of these different elements; such assumptions, in turn, condition our whole understanding of the place that history of the great English Holy Men who are my immediate concern. Caution seesme called for, and an open mind.


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