Are there notable incident(s) where Russia/SU was wrongfully accused by Western powers in the 20th century?

Are there notable incident(s) where Russia/SU was wrongfully accused by Western powers in the 20th century?

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I would like to know incident(s) where SU/Russia was accused to have done something by Western powers where Western historians also came at least now to the conclusion that the accusation was unwarranted.

I decided to exclude the 21th century precisely for the reason that I don't want any discussion about recent incidents which are politically charged. I want something which has now a broad consensus and can be safely observed from the distance of time.

Background of the question that I want to know how both SU/Russia and the Western powers acted and how the story developed. What was the cause for the accusation? The problem with the long-time Cold War period was that both sides inflated any accusation for propaganda and corrections rarely, if ever, happened.

Are there notable incident(s) where Russia/SU was wrongfully accused by Western powers in the 20th century?

I can think of two. When Gary Power's U2 spy plane was shot down over Russia initially Eisenhower falsely claimed the plane was lost civilian plane and denied it was on a spy mission. Eisenhower had to backtrack when Power's turned upon on Soviet TV. Ultimately Eisenhower was forced to admit the US had been flying spy missions over Russia for years prior to Power's flight being shot down (May 1960) by the Soviets.

Confronted with the evidence of his nation's espionage, President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) was forced to admit to the Soviets that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been flying spy missions over the USSR for several years.

My second one deals with South Korean Flight 007 which the Soviet Union shot down killing 269 innocent passengers in 1983. What was not common knowledge at the time of this shoot down was that the United States used the same path for it's spy planes which intercepted Soviet electronic signals. When the Korean Jet drifted into soviet restricted airspace, something that was also not well understood in the west at the time, the Soviet's had reason to believe it was a spy plane. US spy planes had similar speed, radar signatures and flight paths. Also a US spy plane was operating in the vicinity at the same time the South Korean airliner was shot down.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007
The Boeing 747 airliner was en route from Anchorage to Seoul, but deviated from its original planned route and flew through Soviet prohibited airspace about the time of a U.S. aerial reconnaissance mission. The Soviet Air Forces treated the unidentified aircraft as an intruding U.S. spy plane, and proceeded to destroy it with air-to-air missiles, after firing warning shots which were likely not seen by the KAL pilots. The Korean airliner eventually crashed in the sea near Moneron Island west of Sakhalin in the Sea of Japan. All 269 passengers and crew aboard were killed, including Larry McDonald, a Representative from Georgia in the United States House of Representatives.

Afghanistan profile - Timeline

1838-42 - British forces invade, install King Shah Shujah. He is assassinated in 1842. British and Indian troops are massacred during retreat from Kabul.

1878-80 - Second Anglo-Afghan War. A treaty gives Britain control of Afghan foreign affairs.

1919 - Emir Amanullah Khan declares independence from British influence.

1926-29 - Amanullah tries to introduce social reforms, which however stir civil unrest. He flees.

1933 - Zahir Shah becomes king and Afghanistan remains a monarchy for next four decades.

1953 - General Mohammed Daud becomes prime minister. Turns to Soviet Union for economic and military assistance. Introduces social reforms, such as abolition of purdah (practice of secluding women from public view).

1963 - Mohammed Daud forced to resign as prime minister.

1964 - Constitutional monarchy introduced - but leads to political polarisation and power struggles.

1973 - Mohammed Daud seizes power in a coup and declares a republic. Tries to play off USSR against Western powers.

1978 - General Daud is overthrown and killed in a pro-Soviet coup. The People's Democratic Party comes to power but is paralysed by violent infighting and faces opposition by US-backed mujahideen groups.


  • A Swedish PSA about not buying alcohol for your kids had a young teenaged girl casually remark to her parents how she could in theory make their lives miserable unless they got her what she wanted.
  • William Shatner pulls this trope in one of his Priceline commercials by playing the role of a local mob boss, complete with hired muscle, in order to convince his customer of the week to stop wasting his money with other travel agents. He illustrates the point by knocking over a vase.
  • After Kaname is kidnapped in an episode of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Sousuke walks into the female gang leader's hideout. An Extended Disarming later, Sousuke plays the trope for all it's worth, dangling the gang leader's little brother from the hideout's rafters and rattling off a list of the "most precious things" of all the other gang members (sickly mothers, little sisters, exotic fish, etc.), causing them to disperse in tears. This is all done with a ominous shadow over his face and in a Creepy Monotone. Then, when Kaname is released, Sousuke reveals that he'd bribed the little brother to play along. We're not sure how much he was joking about the rest, though.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, a great scene shows Ed trying to quit his job, but then the Fuhrer casually remarks about Ed's "nice childhood friend Winry", who of course Ed has strong feelings for. Averted when Kimblee makes a similar comment to Ed, but is honestly saying that he just thinks Winry is nice.
  • In Death Note, The Mafia kidnap Sayu, Light's little sister, and tell it to her father with a speech to this effect.
  • In an early episode of Medabots (or at least, the English dub), one of the gang of Medabot thieves threatens Ikki thusly: "Nice Medabot you've got there. Shame if something were to happen to it."
  • Subverted awesomely in Psychic Squad. The Normal People, who have The Children in an ECM field try to get Minamoto's computer password by threatening Kaoru, just as Minamoto planned. The password Minamoto told them was actually a trigger for an emergency ECCM unit, freeing Kaoru to use her powers. Since "ECM" and "ECCM" are pretty obscure acronyms and sound pretty similar: The ECM is an Anti-Magic field, the ECCM is an Anti Anti Magic field.
  • In Yu Yu Hakusho, King Yomi managed to do this on Kurama and get away with it, revealing that not only had he already done extensive research on Kurama and his human family, but that he'd taken measures to ensure that Kurama will be forced to work for him . Notable in being the only time in 112 episodes that Kurama actually cusses at someone.
  • Norman Osborn:
    • Ever since the Green Goblin was revived in the late 1990s, he's done this to Spider-Man on a seemingly annual basis. Unlike some villains on this page, Osborn already has a loved one's death under his belt (Gwen Stacy), so when he threatens Mary Jane, or May, or anybody else Peter cares for, Spidey can't afford to hope it's just a bluff.
    • In an excellent story arc in 2002, however, Peter finally DID realize it was just a bluff, when he came within an inch of killing the Goblin and Osborn tearfully told him to go ahead. Peter, realizing that Osborn is so miserable he's stooped to doing stuff like this just for the attention, just walked away. And when Osborn yelled that by this time tomorrow all his loved ones will be dead, Peter said "Go right ahead", and left.
    • Rorschach pulls an anti-heroic version of this on the customers of the Bad-Guy Bar Happy Harry's. When looking for the guy who hired the assassin for an attempted hit on Adrien Veidt, Rorschach casually states that, of course, he won't insult their legendary underworld solidarity by expecting them to give up the culprit without being tortured. Everybody in the bar immediately backs away from the culprit in question, leaving him to Rorschach's interrogation.
    • In the September 1, 1987, strip of Garfield, Garfield tells John Arbuckle that "it would be a shame if someone slashed [his drapes] into party streamers" with the (successful) intention of getting food.
    • In What's New? with Phil and Dixie, gnomesdo this to comic book artists.
    • Hermione Granger and the Boy Who Lived: Hermione pulls this on Dolores Umbridge so carefully that Umbridge doesn't realise Hermione is working against her.
    • Amelia informs Fudge that he has a security detail that's prevented attempts on his life but if he refuses to do his job as Ambassador, she'll have to fire him and he'd lose his security detail.
    • In The Great Mouse Detective, Professor Ratigan uses this to threaten Flaversham's daughter Olivia if Flaversham doesn't help him with his evil scheme.
    • Frank Nitti threatens Eliot Ness's family in this manner in The Untouchables. ("Nice house. nice to have a family.")
    • This is how Kobayashi keeps the protagonists working for Soze in The Usual Suspects.
    • From The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Angel Eyes does a simple one. "That your family? Nice family." He proceeds to shoot the man he's talking to, along with his son. After he gets what he wants.
    • Saw II: The brown desk, second drawer down. Jigsaw further pushes Eric's buttons by revealing all the other victims in the house trap are people who Eric personally arrested after planting evidence on them during his career , and tauntingly notes, "It would be a shame [for Eric's son] if they discovered who you are."
    • In the crime/horror movie Se7en, villain John Doe taunts Detective David Mills by talking about how lovely Mills' wife Tracy is. Of course, this is subverted in that John Doe has already killed Tracy in order to enrage Mills and get Doe exactly what he wants &mdash his own murder, at Mills' hands.
    • The Castle:
      • The firm that is trying to buy the main characters' house send a man around after he refuses their offer. He makes vaguely threatening comments that leave the main character riled up, and later trashes his car. When they try it on his neighbour, a Kuwaiti man, he replies: "You send someone 'round to see me, make threats, I send someone 'round to see you, blow up your car." They decide to leave the Kuwaiti man alone. "Please understand, I don't have friend like this but everyone think, all Arab, they have bomb," the neighbour explains to the main character, deconstructing the hell out of a few misconceptions.
      • The man later tries it again &mdash only this time, after he makes his threatening comments, the main character's son does a less subtle version of this trope by putting a shotgun in his face.
      • Discworld:
        • In the backstory, the basically-good Bad Guy (the Patrician) uses it on really Bad Guys (the heads of various criminal gangs) after persuading them to form a Thieves' Guild that regulates crime (more or less turning it into an official, legal profession), for the purpose of reminding them what can happen if they don't honor the deal:
        • After two troll thugs working for the troll crime boss Chrysoprase tell Commander Vimes that their boss wants to see him, Vimes tells them "Well, he knows where I live," to which one of them remarks meaningfully "Yeah, he does." Not a good idea. Later, Chrysoprase insists to Vimes that he never gave orders to make any threats, and had the infractors. dealt with. (And incidentally, would the Commander care for a new rockery for his garden?)
        • The Low King of the Dwarfs unthinkingly snaps at Vimes "You stand here defying me with a handful of men and your wife and child not ten miles away&mdash" and to his credit quickly realises this was a mistake, especially once he learns dwarf extremists have already targeted said wife and child once.
        • Saturday Night Live:
          • There was a sketch mocking former Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, which has had a reputation of being one of the most corrupt states in the US and is widely stereotyped as having a Mob-controlled government (past ties to Al Capone probably don't help the reputation either). In the sketch, he gets Hauled Before A Senate Subcommittee to answer questions about an attempt to auction off Barack Obama's former Senate seat. At the witness table, he points out that the wiring in old buildings like the Capitol is prone to catching fire and offers to hire a couple guys to keep an eye on the place. note He was later convicted on multiple charges of corruption and is currently imprisoned.
          • In a later example, SNL also parodied Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey (another state that is infamous for its political corruption) in the wake of his "Bridgegate" scandal note Allegedly, some of his staffers ordered the blockade of several lanes of traffic on a highway bridge in retribution to a perceived snub by the local politicians in that area. by having him implicitly threaten Piers Morgan during an interview and invoking this trope word for word.
          • Lionel Luthor is also a fan of this trope, and we see him pull it multiple times throughout the series. In fact, Lionel doing this to the Kents is what caused much of the plot of the series.
          • Inverted in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, when it's actually the good guys doing the persuading, complete with the "Nice place you got here" shtick. The duo pulls the parody version, which is met with worry from the object of their persuasion.
          • And again, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder by the White Ranger when he tries to threaten the resident bad-girl into returning a children'strading card by revealing to his father that her cover was blown. Funny how it's the former bad guys who are okay with pulling this stuff.
          • Number one has an arrested black marketeer casually mention to Milner that many of the people he works with won't be pleased that Milner has arrested him, and that Milner should 'be careful' and 'watch his back'. Unfortunately for the black marketeer, he made this comment in front of the desk sergeant as well, giving Milner a reason to calmly add two more charges to his sheet &mdash obstruction and threatening a police officer. Even more unfortunately for the black marketeer, someone else later does try to kill Milner, thus putting the black marketeer in the position of Chief Suspect. The marketeer ends up having to frantically backtrack and plead that he didn't have anything to do with it, honestly .
          • Number two has Sam overhear a conversation that perhaps she shouldn't have between a suspect and a third party at her new job in a map-making facility. Later that night, the suspect surprises her as she's leaving to go home, suggesting that it really would be better for her if she forgot all about that conversation, and that he really wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her as a result of it. Sam calmly replies that she'd actually forgotten all about the incident already, "but since you're so worried about it you've come out here to try and bully me, I'm going to mention it to everyone I can." She then rides off without a backwards glance, leaving the suspect with an Oh, Crap! expression and the feeling that this possibly wasn't one of his better ideas. Curiously, the men making 'hints' turn out to be uncle and nephew. Having your threats casually dismissed must be genetic.
          • Another genius casually advises Abby&mdashright in front of Gibbs&mdashto drive safely on her way home. Given that his sister (they are the children of a man Gibbs murdered years ago) tried to kill Gibbs' father earlier in the episode, it's pretty obvious what he's getting at. Once again, Gibbs' reaction isn't pretty.
          • A terrorist Ellie Bishop is interrogating not-so-subtly threatens her then-husband:
          • In the final Mirror Universe episode, "Smiley" says this about the Klingon flagship once its shields are down .
          • The trope backfires when Weyoun Seven tries this with Ezri Dax, forgetting he's standing next to Worf, the one Starfleet character who has no qualms about Neck Snapping him on the spot.
          • Done in a more teasing fashion in "In Purgatory's Shadow", when Jadzia suggests that Worf had better hurry back from the Gamma Quadrant before she loses the Klingon opera recordings she borrowed from him.
          • In "Think Tank" the Establishing Character Moment for the Villain of the Week is him threatening this on a planetary scale. His think tank of Evil Geniuses has just solved the problem of a planet beset by earthquakes with a containment field. When they try to quibble over payment, he threatens to turn the containment field off. "Have you ever experienced a Level 12 seismic event? Most violent. Quite unnerving."
          • Likewise in "Concerning Flight", an Arms Dealer points out that if an ambassador doesn't want to buy his expensive weapons, he could always sell them to a neighboring star system with aggressive tendencies.
          • Persona 4: Naoto notes that it would be a terrible shame if Namatame escaped through the large television set in his hospital room. Then again, there's the not entirely unwelcome possibility that he wouldn't be able to get out of it and be left at the mercy of the Shadows. Rise gets the gist of what Naoto is implying, and is horrified that Naoto is seriously suggesting it.
          • In Heroes of the Storm, clicking onDiablo will eventually cause him to make this threat &mdash against the player's soul!

          "Nice pawnshop you got here. Shame if anything should happen to it."

          Okay, so ya want originality. Well, let me tell you dis is 1922 and right now dis line is very original.

          3 times that the military brought back ‘obsolete’ equipment

          Once thought to be the cornerstone of naval power, the advent of Naval Aviation and the rise of the aircraft carrier in WWII was the beginning of the end for the large-gunned ships of the line. Though battleships saw continuous combat in WWII and Korea, the US Navy was left without an active battleship upon the decommissioning of the USS Wisconsin in March 1958 the first time since 1895.

          Most military enthusiasts are familiar with the Reagan administration’s 600-ship Navy and the reactivation of the battleships USS Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey and Wisconsin. USS New Jersey would be the first to fire her massive 16-inch guns at enemy targets again during the Lebanese Civil War from 1983-1984. USS Missouri and Wisconsin would return to combat in 1991 during the Gulf War. However, USS New Jersey was brought back into active service once before.

          Following the beginning of Operation Rolling Thunder in 1965, the loss of US aircraft over Vietnam increased exponentially. The planes that took part in the sustained aerial bombardment campaign were exceptionally vulnerable to sophisticated Soviet-made surface-to-air weapon systems provided to the North Vietnamese.

          In an effort to alleviate these air losses while still delivering ordnance payloads, USS New Jersey was brought out of mothballs in April 1968 and modernized for active service in Southeast Asia. The only active battleship in the world, New Jersey, joined the gun line off the Vietnamese coast on September 25. Five days later, she fired her first shots in over 16 years during an engagement against PAVN targets near the DMZ at the 17th parallel. She would go on to fire 14,891 5-inch shells and 5,688 16-inch shells during the war in support of ARVN, US and even Korean troops.

          Mk14 EBRs in action with the Army in Afghanistan, September 2010 (US Army photo)

          2. M14 Rifle

          An evolution of the famed M1 Garand of WWII and Korea, the M14 battle rifle became the standard-issue rifle for the US military in 1959. Firing the 7.62x51mm NATO round, the M14 was meant to streamline logistics efforts by replacing the M1 Garand, M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, M1 carbine, M3 submachine gun, M1928/M1 Thompson submachine gun, and M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. While the M14 exhibited outstanding accuracy and stopping power in its semi-automatic setting, its full-power cartridge was deemed too powerful for the submachine gun role and its light weight made it difficult to control during automatic fire as a light machine gun.

          Though the M14 was replaced by the M16 as the standard-issue rifle in 1968, it found a new role as a precision rifle platform. It served as the basis of the M21 Sniper Weapon System introduced in 1968 and M25 Sniper Weapon System introduced in 1991. Though both weapon systems have been largely replaced by the M24 Sniper Weapon System, the M14 lives on as the Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle. Introduced in 2002, the Mk14 is a truer reincarnation of the M14. Where the M21 and M25 were restricted to semi-automatic fire, designated as Sniper Weapon Systems and saw more restricted issuance as a result, the Mk14 sees the return of selective fire, the designation as a battle rifle for both designated marksman and close combat roles, and issuance by the Army to two riflemen per infantry platoon deploying to Afghanistan.

          A USAF F-4D Phantom II equipped with a 20mm gun pod mounted centerline with the fuselage (US Air Force photo)

          3. Guns on fighter planes

          With the advent of radar-guided and heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, like the AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-9 Sidewinder, and the new threat of high-altitude, long-range Soviet bombers, US air combat doctrine called for the elimination of gun armament on fighter-interceptor aircraft. Though dedicated attack and fighter aircraft like the A-4 Skyhawk, A-7 Corsair II and the F-8 Crusader retained 20mm cannons for ground attack and close-range aerial combat, interceptors like the F-86D Sabre, F-102 Delta Dagger and the F-4 Phantom II dispensed with any type of gun armament in favor of rockets and missiles. The idea during the late 50s and early 60s was that these types of aircraft would engage in long-range combat without visual contact of their target and, even if they did get close enough to see the enemy that the new Sidewinder missile would be able to dispense with a hostile fighter with ease.

          This idea proved to be fatal for pilots over the skies of Vietnam. For Phantom II pilots in particular, who escorted bomber flights over North Vietnam, the lack of a gun often left them without offensive options during a dogfight. Marine Corps General recalled, “Everyone in RF-4s wished we had a gun on the aircraft.” As any Top Gun fan can tell you, the American air-to-air kill ratio in Korea was 12:1. According to the US Naval Institute, the Navy’s kill ratio in Vietnam was just 2.5:1. The drop in kill ratio was attributed to poor missile accuracy at just 10% and lack of dogfighting skills. The latter resulted in the creation of TOPGUN while the former resulted in the addition of an external gun pod to the Phantom II. An internally mounted gun was incorporated on the later F-4E models.

          The Medal of Honor recipient who fought in a bare-handed berserker rage

          Posted On January 11, 2021 03:41:00

          Sergeant David Bleak was set to go out on a normal patrol. It was 1952 and the young medic was accompanying a U.S. Army recon patrol with the mission of probing Chinese defenses and capturing an enemy soldier for intel and interrogation. What he didn’t know, however, was that by the patrol’s end, he would kill four enemies with his bare hands while saving his comrades.

          He would have decades to think about that night after the war.

          Bleak rolled out with 20 soldiers in an American-occupied area of North Korea near the front lines. By 1952, the Chinese were fully committed to North Korea, which resulted in what would be, more or less, considered a stalemate for the duration of the war.

          The hill they were traversing, Hill 499, was bare. It lacked significant vegetation after all the weeks of fighting in the area and offered little in the way of concealment, but the enemy was out there and the Army needed more information about their positions. The 21-man unit set off at 0430 to see what they could learn while another company distracted the Chinese on the other side of the hill with a frontal attack (where another soldier was earning the Medal of Honor, strangely enough).

          Unfortunately, that didn’t prove to be enough of a distraction. Bleak’s formation was spotted as soon as they began to hike their way up. Quickly, the unit came under Chinese small arms fire. A few soldiers were injured immediately. Sgt. Bleak ran up from the rear to treat them just as fast as they were hit.

          The mission soon continued, as did Sgt. Bleak.

          “We have an Army!”

          Once more they took surprise small arms fire, but this time, Bleak bum-rushed the enemy trench and dove in head-first. He snapped the neck of the first soldier he could get his hands on and then crushed the windpipe of another. As a third Chinese soldier attacked him, Bleak drew his knife and killed him with a stab to the chest.

          The medic returned to his unit and began treating the soldiers wounded by the second surprise attack. As he worked, a Chinese grenade bounced off the helmet of a man standing over him. Bleak zipped into action, throwing his body over his fellow GI to shield him from the shrapnel. Luckily, no one was injured.

          “We have a Bleak.”

          After succeeding in its mission, Bleak’s patrol was returning to United Nations lines as they were again ambushed — this time, wounding three. Bleak was shot in the leg as he tried to get to those who needed aid. After treating everyone (including Bleak himself), the group went to leave, but one man was so injured that he couldn’t stand. So, Bleak picked him up and carried him out of there. On his way back to base, Sgt. Bleak ran into two Chinese soldiers who tried to assault him with fixed bayonets.

          Not one to be easily intimidated, Bleak rushed back at them. Deftly avoiding being bayoneted, he smashed the two Chinese men’s heads together so hard that he broke their skulls. He picked up his patient and returned to friendly lines. Because of Sgt. Bleak, every man of the 20-man patrol that was ambushed multiple times that night came home. Their mission was completed, with captured enemy soldiers and all, and only sustained a few wounds in exchange.

          Later the next year, President Eisenhower presented Bleak with a well-earned Medal of Honor at a White House ceremony. Bleak would live on until age 74, dying on the same day as fellow Army medic and Medal of Honor recipient, Desmond Doss.

          Warning: Do not confuse Desmond Doss with David Bleak. David Bleak will f*cking kill you.

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          Navy wants sub-hunting planes to watch Russia and China

          Posted On April 29, 2020 15:45:18

          The US Navy is looking at a number of ways to increase its presence in the Arctic around Alaska, including deployments of the service’s advanced maritime patrol aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon, the Navy’s top civilian official said in December 2018.

          Asked by Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan about the US presence in that part of the world, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Dec. 12, 2018, that the Navy was present under the sea and in the air and “looking at how we can get up there” in other capacities.

          “If I had a blank check for everything, it’d be terrific, to ice-harden ships, but with the demand that we have right now, it is unaffordable,” Spencer said, adding that it would be possible to send assets up there seasonally as sea ice melts.

          “You and I did go look on the coast up there for a potential strategic port,” Spencer told Sullivan. “I think the Coast Guard, in concert with the Navy, we should definitely flesh out what could possibly be done.”

          “When it comes to using Alaska in the Arctic area for training, the commandant and I have talked about this — plans to go look at doing something this summer, possibly on Adak, for training,” Spencer added, referring Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller, who was also at the hearing.

          Spencer said he and Navy Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Bill Moran “have talked about possible P-8 [deployments] up to Adak. There are definite training uses, and there’s definite ability to affect the National Defense Strategy with Arctic activity.”

          The Navy and Marine Corps presence in Alaska is currently small, with some sailors and Marines stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, the latter personnel there as part of a reserve unit.

          But as the military reorients itself toward a potential great-power conflict, focus has shifted to the Arctic, where Russian and Chinese activity has concerned US officials.

          Marines have been deployed to Norway on a rotational basis since the beginning of 2017, and Oslo recently said that it would ask the US to increase their numbers and move them farther north, closer to that country’s border with Russia.

          The Navy has also made moves toward higher latitudes, sending an aircraft carrier above the Arctic Circle for the first time since the early 1990s as part of NATO’s exercise Trident Juncture, which took place in October and November 2018. Navy officials have stressed that they intend to be more active in the Arctic going forward.

          Neller has emphasized that his command is focusing on training for harsh conditions.

          Marines with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment disembark an Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter after a simulated raid on Indian Mountain radar system as part of Exercise Arctic Edge 18 at Fort Greely, Alaska, March 12, 2018.

          (US Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Brianna Gaudi)

          In March 2018, Marines joined soldiers, sailors, and airmen in Alaska for Arctic Edge 2018, where they trained “to fight and win in the Arctic,” the head of Alaskan Command, Air Force Lt. Gen. Ken Wilsbach, said at the time.

          A few weeks after that exercise, Neller told Sullivan during a Senate hearing that the Marines “have gotten back into the cold-weather business.” In August 2018, while traveling through Alaska with Spencer, Sullivan said that the Marine Corps was “looking at spending a lot more time in Alaska.”

          Adak Island is at the western edge of the Aleutian Islands. The naval facility, which was on the northern side of the island, took up more than 76,000 acres and was an important base for submarine surveillance during the Cold War.

          The airstrip there has been in commercial use since the Navy shut down military operations in 1997.

          Coast Guard commandant Adm. Karl Schultz, left, meets with Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer and Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, right, in Nome to discuss the construction of deep-draft ports in western Alaska, Aug. 13, 2018.

          (US Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Jetta Disco)

          The Navy is currently grappling with operational and maintenance challenges brought on by more than two decades of continuous operations around the world — a situation that has been complicated by discussions of expansion and by uncertainty about its budget in the future as it builds new supercarriers and designs a new generation of ballistic missile subs that will carry nuclear warheads.

          The Navy has already started returning P-8A Poseidons to Keflavikin Iceland, where it had a base from the early 1960s until 2006, when it was shuttered.

          The planes have been rotating through Iceland and aren’t there permanently, though they were flying about every other day over the waters around Greenland, Iceland, and the UK — an important chokepoint for submarines in the Atlantic during the Cold War.

          Returning to Alaska would present an array challenges, according to Jeffrey Barker, a deputy branch head for policy and posture on the chief of naval operation’s staff.

          US Navy crew members on board a P-8A Poseidon assigned to Patrol Squadron (VP) 16 man their workstations while assisting in search and rescue operations for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 March 16, 2014 in the Indian Ocean.

          “We want to be agile, but sustainability is key,” Barker said at the beginning of December 2018 during a Wilson Center event focused on the Arctic. “We don’t really want to do anything if we can’t sustain it, so that’s a huge part of that, and the infrastructure to that.”

          “When Secretary Spencer went around Alaska, he was asked a lot of questions, and he asked us a lot of questions about how much would it cost to go back to Adak,” Barker said. “He was shocked — gobsmacked is what he said — when the report that we gave him said billion.”

          Barker said that Spencer clarified that he only wanted to use the facility “for a couple of weeks here and there,” and when asked about the plan after the hearing on Dec. 12, 2018, Spencer said the base was up to that task.

          “The airstrip is in great shape,” he told Breaking Defense, which first reported his comments about a potential P-8 deployment. Spencer added that the Navy may have to pay to clean up one of the hangars.

          But the airport, he said, “has a fuel farm up there that Air Alaska is using to fuel its planes. It has de-icing platforms that we could use for fresh water washdowns for the P-8. They have lodging up there that is supposedly coming forward to us on a rental availability, so it really isn’t a big bill.”

          This article originally appeared on Business Insider. Follow @BusinessInsider on Twitter.

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          The military is the reason behind the ‘Amish Beard’

          Posted On April 29, 2020 15:42:08

          There’s no doubt that Amish communities in America have a distinctive look. Amish men wear a long, flowing, ZZ-Top-level beard that can make other hirsute pursuits just look pitiful in comparison. While they may not be the only ones sporting long, long whiskers these days, they’re likely the only bearded men you’ll see whose mustache areas are clean shaven — and the U.S. military is the reason why.

          Among devoutly Christian Amish men, sporting a beard is like living the Bible. In the days and locales where the stories in the Christian Bible take place, beards were commonplace. When a young Amish boy gets married, he stops shaving his beard area and grows a facial homage to his biblical forebears, letting everyone in the community know this boy is now a man.

          But they never stop shaving the mustache area. The Amish, a form of Mennonite, have many traditions and beliefs that separate them, not just from society, but also from other Mennonite and Christian groups. One such core beliefs is the growing of a beard.

          Another core tenet of Amish beliefs is pacifism and the rejection of military service – and the mustache is just one indicator of military service.

          In the 1800s, British troops were actually required to wear some form of facial hair above the lip. This requirement lasted until warfare tech changed the game on the battlefields of World War I and a clean-shaven face was required to seal gas masks.

          Related: How a change in warfare set men’s style for almost 100 years

          In order to separate themselves physically from those who would engage in military service (while letting the world know they were married, because the Amish don’t exchange wedding rings), they decided to grow beards but shave their lips.

          British Army officers in the Crimean War.

          It should be noted that the Amish prefer the term “nonresistance” as opposed to pacifism, because they are dedicated to avoiding confrontation in all areas of life, not just in military service.

          Mustaches may not be as in vogue as they once were among military service members and regular troops are always clean shaven — almost everywhere in the western world — but still the old Amish tradition of keeping a clean upper lip lives on.

          More on We are the Mighty

          More links we like


          What Really Happened to MH17? – An open source investigation

          This post is intended as a round-up of available information on MH17 from various sources around the web. Corbett Report members are encouraged to debate and discuss the situation in the commments thread below, ask questions, suggest links, and otherwise contribute to this investigation. The article will be updated with information as the investigation continues. [Not a Corbett Report member? Sign up today.]


          “A Boeing 777-200 passenger plane, operating Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, crashed in the Ukraine, east of Donetsk. All 298 on board were killed. Flight MH17 departed the gate at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands at 12:14 hours local time, bound for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was airborne at 12:30 (10:30 UTC) from runway 36C and reached a cruising altitude of FL310 at 12:53 (10:53 UTC). Ninety minutes into the flight, at 12:01 UTC and just prior to entering Ukrainian airspace, the flight climbed to FL330. This altitude was maintained until last contact by ADS-B receivers of flight tracking websites, about 13:21 UTC.

          “At the point of last contact it was flying 1000 feet above airspace that had been restricted as a result of ongoing fighting in the area. Malaysia Airlines reported that MH17 filed a flight plan requesting FL350 throughout Ukrainian airspace. However, the flight was instructed by Ukrainian air traffic control to fly at FL330.”

          FLIGHT PATH:

          Perhaps the best visualization of what the issue is, comes from Vagelis Karmiros who has collated all the recent MH-17 flight paths as tracked by Flightaware and shows that while all ten most recent paths pass safely well south of the Donetsk region, and cross the zone above the Sea of Azov, it was only today’s tragic flight that passed straight overhead Donetsk.

          A survey of flights to Asia from Europe in the last week found that some airlines had been flying over eastern Ukraine and some had been avoiding the area. Source: Flight path data from


          ITAR-TASS reported in June that Donetsk defense forces seized BUK missile defence systems from an army unit operating in the region, a point repeated and echoed by NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Philip Breedlove in a Pentagon press briefing on June 30. However, this was directly contradicted on July 18th by Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Vitaly Yarema, who told Ukrainian Pravda that militias do not have access to BUK delivery systems or S-300s.

          On July 19, Ukrainian intelligence posted what they claim to be intercepted communications showing Russian responsibility for the downing of MH17 along with an English transcript. Numerous alternative media sources claim that the creation timestamp on the video indicates it was created before the crash took place.

          Ukraine also claims that a post appeared on the social media account of rebel commander Igor Strelkov exactly 35 minutes after the crash appearing to take credit for the downing. Subsequent reporting, however, pointed out that the post was ambiguously worded and the social media account in question may not be run by Strelkov at all.

          The Ukraine security service also published a video on July 18th purporting to show the actual BUK missile launcher used to bring down the plane being shuttled back across the border from Ukraine to Russia. Despite the fact that there is no confirmation from any source when, where or how this video was taken, or whether it in fact shows a BUK system on a Russian transport vehicle, it has been uncritically reported on in much of the western press.

          In a statement issued late in the day on July 17th, Russian President Putin said: “I want to note that this tragedy would not have happened if there were peace on this land, if the military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine. And, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this awful tragedy.”

          A report originally posted to shortly after the downing suggested that the real target of the missile might have been President Putin’s plane, which was said to have been scheduled to fly over the exact same airspace as MH17 less than an hour after it was shot down. This claim has since been retracted and RT has noted that Putin has been avoiding Ukrainian airspace altogether since the recent coup took place in Kiev.

          According to a report circulating widely in the alternative media, a Spanish air traffic controller working in the Ukraine on the 17th tweeted a series of messages indicating that the Ukrainian military shot down the flight and that “Kiev authorities” and “foreigners” subsequently took over the civilian air traffic control center overseeing the disputed airspace in an apparent cover-up. The twitter account (@spainbuca) of the alleged air traffic controller, “Carlos,” was then reportedly removed. [UPDATE: RT has conducted interviews with Carlos, who has been deported from Ukraine.]

          Some researchers suggest that the timing of the disaster, coming as it does right after Putin heralded the beginning of the long-awaited BRICS Development Bank is more than coincidental. This theory posits that the crash was staged by the US/EU/NATO or other powers as part of a proxy war taking place in the “new cold war” between Russia (one of the key players in an organization that is seen as a key rival to the so-called “Washington Consensus” institutions, the IMF and the World Bank) and the US.

          Some have suggested that the takedown of MH17 was also related to the six passengers on board who were heading to an AIDS conference in Melbourne hosted by the International AIDS society. The theory holds that the researchers were going to question the origins of AIDS and were taken out in a similar manner to Dr. Jonathan Mann.

          Yet others point to the numerology of MH17, noting “Flight MH17, a Boeing 777, first flew on 7-17-97 and crashed 17 years later, on 7-17-14.” It has also been linked to a bizarre video of a speech IMF President Christine Lagarde gave at the National Press Club in Washington on January 15, 2014 in which she repeatedly told the audience to pay attention to the “magic number 7” and made numerological connections to WWI and other events.


          If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.

          Comments (244)

          OK, guys, let me get the ball rolling: Is there anyone here who can reproduce (or better yet, explain HOW to reproduce) the claim that the Ukraine security service’s alleged Russian communication intercept was created before MH17 crashed? How easy would it be to forge this time stamp on a video file? Is it possible that a computer with an incorrect date or some other error could account for this? Can anyone find counterexamples where incorrect time stamps can be demonstrated as a result of error? Any other thoughts on the value of this claim?

          Just found this James…as a fellow Canadian thought you might be interested:

          “Within 5-minutes of President Putin warning his US counterpart, President Obama, that “war games” being carried out by NATO member Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) forces over Romania could lead to a “potential catastrophe”, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was destroyed over the eastern conflict region of Ukraine.”

          The RCAF CF-18 Hornets belong to the 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron and began arriving in Romania in the days prior to the 5-10 June where they began engaging in “highly provocative war games”, this report says, which included electronic jamming of civilian flight radars.

          So “provocative” have RCAF pilots been, last week that they were tasked by NATO to begin “direct confrontations” along the Russia border with Lithuania against Russian Air Force pilots beginning in August.”

          So the big boys are going to use Canadian military as cannon fodder again

          James, to continue my thoughts on MH17 I note above you wrote:

          “RT has noted that Putin has been avoiding Ukrainian airspace altogether since the recent coup took place in Kiev.”

          Question is, did the perps know this? If they didn’t, they may have ASS-U-ME d that the plane was Putins.

          That doesn’t account for one of the most troubling aspects of this false flag…the “pre-dead” passengers. Witnesses say the passengers’ bodies appeared to have been dead for some time in advanced stages of decomposition and were “bloodless”. Also, there was a lot of blood serum and “medications” in the wreckage.

          This leads me to wonder about the prospect of biological warfare. It also brings to mind the long missing and presumed dead passengers of MH370. I am looking forward to positive identification of ALL the passengers. Keep in mind the “pre dead” passengers could have been put into the baggage compartment at Shiphol.

          I would think that any timestamp can be ‘wrong’ depending on anomalies on the original make-up of the file (ex. camera or computer that has a wrong date)

          This link provides a supposedly simple way to alter the timestap after it is first created, so even if it originally was correct/wrong, you’d still be able to change it to whatever you want.

          It might be possible, but that’s more a question for a computer programmer, that in the metadata itself, there is still a layer of original timestamp, even after alteration, but I myself don’t know enough about that possibility.

          So, in conclusion, if the last option isn’t possible (due to how the metadata file structure is made up and presuming it doesn’t log all alteration) it seems quite easy to change timestamp, timecode,… of most files and or media

          ps: I read an interesting comment in the YT-video on the magical mystery number 7 by Lagarde. She mentions at the time that the G7 or G20 would maybe have to deal with the economic recovery and somebody spotted that at that time Russia (despite early tensions) was still a part of the G8. But that might be just because 7 sounded good in between all the others. Or not (and she already knew that the tensions would reach a phase where G8 would kick out Russia for G7)

          The G8 has long wanted to kick Russia out… Putting refused to allow the US to attend a BRICS meeting a few years ago. That was it.

          I’m a software developer and I know that any data on any server can be modified, provided you have the required authorization. Given the power that secret services have over the internet, I have no doubt whatsoever that they have access to this kind of metadata on youtube and can change it anyway they like.

          So, someone was sloppy and they just don’t care for the lone conspiracy nut that will find this anomaly. This could also be a deliberate distraction.

          Anyway, when did anonymous youtube videos become legitimate evidence for anything? This video has achieved it’s purpose already by framing this image in the minds of the masses. Proving this video to be a fraud will not change that.

          I could give technical details on SQL scripts, or XML manipulation, I’m not even sure how data is stored on the youtube servers, but that’s not important. If you have power over the server you have power over the data and you can do with it as you like. You can never be sure of any data on the internet.

          In this video (Ukrainian spoken, German subtitles) a rebel woman explains how jetfighters of the Ukrainian army use civilian airplanes to hide during an attack. They fly in behind the airliner, dive down to drop bombs and then jump up behind the airliner again. Incoming rockets would be attracted by the larger airliner. She expects the military is trying to lure the rebels into shooting a civilian target to label them as terrorist and provoke international action against them.

          I’m sure this video was uploaded before the attack, because I’ve seen it myself a couple of weeks ago.

          The flight path of MH17 is very suspicious. Also it seems the rebels were at first convinced a military plane was shot down. When you have equipment sophisticated enough to shoot a plane at 10km, then radar will tell you the difference. All planes have transponders.

          Could someone have messed with the transponder of MH17, making it look like a military plane and deliberately have send it over the conflict area?

          Some very interesting comments. Bart your point is well taken especially since there were reports of Ukrainian jets in the area just before the event.

          However another angle is that there was no real crash at all. I’ve been following a discussion on American Everyman that points out major discrepancies in the “debris field”. The one site that has been extensively photographed is quite small. The low angle pictures deliberately conceal this fact. Also the larger pieces of debris in the wheat field have tramped down paths leading to them from the road which goes right by and could easily serve as a staging point for trucking the material in. I posted this link earlier on another page at Corbett Report.

          Just today I found this link which sheds light on why video footage of the ground explosions were made from a distance then there was no apparent smoke of trail of fire raining down from the sky. It adds an important element of “pre planning” on the part of the minions of the Kiev government.

          Putin’s comment seems to support Bart’s position yet the anomalies and coincidences highlighted in these other accounts are interesting as well.

          Interesting angle, but for that to be true, the rebels must have collaborated in staging this event. The crash site is right in the center of rebel territory. Also I heard the OSCE investigators will be looking in an area of 25 to 30 km2. There may be more debris fields, but only this one is made available for the press.

          I guess the most interesting part of the “staged event” element is that it challenges the idea that the “rebels” hold uniform and effective sway over all movement within their area. If this coal billionaire has his own little army and infrastructure to work with he could have coordinated the event and then withdrawn quickly to lay subsequent “discoveries” at the door step of the actual separatists.

          I personally would like to see images of the second debris field. Verification is the key to everything now.

          You make a good point there. There might be factions within rebel territory that conspire against the rebels. There were coal miners at the crash site.

          I agree that the images we’ve seen so far don’t account for the entire wreckage. Let’s hope there will be some aerial footage soon, that will give a better perspective. I think it’s too soon to endorse this theory, but I’ll keep it open for consideration.

          I have two perspectives thus far on why it happened:

          1) We’re dealing with yet another ‘chess-move’ on the ‘global chessboard’. The move made here might not be the primary one, but still may be necessary in a longer strategy, for example towards ‘neutralizing’ Russia in possible future moves. (What strikes me is that less and less seemingly ‘accidental’ or ‘random’ events seems to happen. Most often things like these does not happen without someone deliberately pulling the strings for a specific out come.)

          2) This is albeit a bit more farfetched however I’m not excluding anything these days: On board the plane was a delegation of the world’s leading experts in the field of HIV/Aids treatment. Is it possible that someone aboard that plane was a direct target?

          1) Chess pieces were definitely moved, but by who and to which square is yet to be determined. One thing was certainly achieved. The Dutch public is openly calling for war with Russia. I’ve spend most of the day reading Dutch forums and it’s really astounding how little is needed to get people so psyched up that they are willing to trow anything we have at Russia. We hardly have an army, but still they want to go all the way.

          2) There is some speculation about Joep Lange, who died in the crash. He was supposedly a famous researcher advocating the ‘alternative’ PREP treatment, which could potentially effect Big Pharma’s profits. I’m not really into these subjects, so I can’t tell how credible this rumor is.

          I don’t think one person is important enough to stage such a large event. But, when they are staging such a large event, they will try to kill as many birds with one stone as possible. Remember the peculiar passenger-lists on 9/11.

          Just a thought, the Dutch press is also likely a victim of cognitive infiltration (a la Cass Sunstein). Those sentiments and fervor may not reflect the true Dutch public, but they may be paid posters working for the NWO…

          Of course the army of trolls was send in to hype things up, but the moderate, regular posters were also losing it. Even some of my colleagues were talking about war with Russia like it was unavoidable. The fear-based propaganda is frighteningly effective.

          Here are some front pages of the biggest newspaper in Holland.

          I don’t need to translate the headlines for you to know which image they want to create. The rest of the newspapers are all the same. Our PM does a live press conference 3 times a day. This is a very sophisticated attack on the minds of the people.

          But I also noticed more people questioning the propaganda then ever before, even on the forums of the large newspapers. But the moderators are relentless. There are treads with more then half of the posts deleted. Nevertheless I feel that more and more people are ready to learn more about what’s really going on.

          I have my two cents about a possible motive too Anna.
          They have killed three birds with one stone here.
          First the Russian/West “tension” has escalated which is part of the hegelian game. Second, there were 100 HIV activist researchers on board. An activist researcher, we can all agree, is someone looking to expose the truth, speak truth to power, seek justice for victims. It is known that the human immunodeficiency virus has never been isolated. No one had ever viewed it and there is no proof of its existence. So, we have been lied to. What causes AIDS?
          There was another young woman, a PhD candidate who had put together a visual presentation of her treatment for cancer and alzheimer’s. Here are some links:

          So, an hypothesis is easy-it’s coming up with the evidence that is the trick.

          They are appealing to emotion when they show pictures of children, they report in overt detail the AIDS experts and their contribution to society, etc. It is an appeal that feels familiar because it is (think 9/11). When emotions can be manipulated to do something, like seek “justice,” standby for some more explosive things to happen (think 3 Israeli teens murdered, full Gaza onslaught!)

          Great stuff on here, exactly what I am anticipating going forward with this group of world-wise individuals. There are so many possibilities, and that’s exactly what whoever ordered this (as I am at least sure that this was ordered!) is intending, so as to mold opinion. In reading and listening to many different viewpoints and theories I have one possibility to offer up…First I think that things on the ground in E Ukraine had started to shift in recent days, the rebels were being pushed back from their positions after a “cease-fire” had allowed a refit and resupply of the Ukrainian forces by the west/NATO. Also it seems that there was no significant resupply of the rebels by the Russians. Also, Putin was calling for a larger/more permanent cease-fire, and connecting the dots he was tacitly giving up on the Ukrainian resistance. (As an aside, contrary to popular alt-media chatter, I believe Putin is much more compromised/blackmailed by the west, he and his coterie are very connected the the western banking system. Also look at his past history with the surrender to the west in the sinking of the Kursk) So All that leads me to a theory that the rebels brought down the plane with the support of the pro rebel Russian military that wants to draw in NATO to a larger ground presence. Remember that Putin has the same militarist nut-cases as the likes of McCain and Lindsey Graham, and he’s being pushed very hard by them.

          This theory has some issues. Here is Putin speaking just a short time ago:

          You are never going to find the perfect leader…they are all going to have some baggage so to speak. Putin (as he said about Proshenko a few weeks ago) does not yet “have any blood on his hands” (in terms of the Eastern Ukraine.

          There is absolutely no motive/benefit for Russia to do this. In fact, the Novorussians were making headway and had boxed in the Junta military in a few areas. That is why Putin was wanting peace…the Novorussians had carved out a few areas of their own.

          On the other hand, Kiev has always wanted to bring NATO into the conflict and branding the Novorussians as “terrorists” was one sure way to do it.

          I was breezing over a couple web channels, RT and Al Jazeera, to get a sense of the story from a couple of propagandistic angles and one of the things I’m recalling was a couple of shots of luggage which looked like it was in very good condition. Can’t help thinking about the pristine 9/11 passport “found” at the wtc. It’s quite likely that’s coloring my recollection, but it’s just a thought. I guess I’ll go back and take a quick look and post something if, first I actually find what I saw, or second my recollection wasn’t in fact “colored” as stated above. Then again, there’s no reason why the luggage would have to have been messed up (or maybe there is, but I’m not a crash expert) , but it’s worth looking at anomalies between close up shots and wider views of the crash area. I’m going to try to keep my speculations within at least reasonable boundaries, but there’s quite a lot of smoke coming off of this wreckage, so it’s worth trying to peel away some of the rubbish while the crime scene is still relatively fresh.

          This is exciting seeing how this member feature is already taking shape. Thanks James and thanks to those of you who’ve already shared ideas.

          A quick side note to James: I’m not sure whether it’s easy to add, but I know there’s an option on the BFP forum to receive notifications when someone replies to you or the post you’ve already commented on. This is a nice feature and I know, at least for me, it’s a good insurance policy on not accidentally ignoring a potential follow up question on a post. That said, I really like the ability to go back and change something if you make a mistake initially. (Can’t think of how many times that would’ve come in handy)

          Anyway, just throwing that out there (sorry to clog the thread). Thanks again James for taking it upon yourself to make the member interactivity concept a reality on top of everything else you already do! On that note, I hope you’re enjoying some much deserved vacation time =]

          Thanks for the suggestion, Benny. I have added this functionality, so you can now choose to receive email notifications when someone responds to your post. This option is located just below the “Submit Comment” box.

          Yes indeed the luggage and passports were pristine. The bodies badly mangled and the entire area burned. We’ve got some anomalies in the laws of nature operating again. Presumably everything going forward will be spun in terms of “evidence was altered in the rebel held area”.

          Here is what MSM and CFR is saying:MSM on Flt MH17: MSM & CFR: Version of what happened to MH17: MSM on MH17 part2: MSM on Flt MH17 part3:
          Bottom line is for the U.S., EU/NATO to isolate Putin, and that will lead to a double edged victory both in the Ukraine & eventually Syria.

          Doesn’t matter what analysis and truth reveals, the die is cast and the stage is set. This script has been written, produced, directed, and now being promoted as it plays at a theater near you, your TV.

          Yes I`ve seen some peculiar time stamps on the comments. I suppose they are time stamped when you receive them in Japan James.
          I posted this comment so that later i could see the time stamp on it.

          I have no clue as to what happened to that aircraft but I have a much better understanding of how time/date stamping can be manipulated.

          I found the following text on
          “The number 7 was curiously related to H. P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. “Lucifer” was first published in 1887, and 1887 is the sum of 17 hundreds, 17 tens, and 17 units H. P. B. lived at 17 Lansdowne Road, and 17 Avenue Road “Lucifer” was published at 7 Duke Street 7 volumes were completed at her death Colonel Olcott first met her at 7 Beckman Street, and later at 71 Broadway, New York. Anna Kingsford was elected president first of the London T. S. Lodge on 7th January 1883 “Isis Unveiled” was published in 1877, and the Third volume of the “Secret Doctrine” was published in 1897, after her death.”

          There is a lot more about occult numerology on this site, and elsewhere.
          Interesting story-I immersed myself last fall in studying about the occult, numerology and sacred geometry including the meanings of 33, 300, 7, 666 etc. We all know how the occultists love their phallic symbols as well. At the time, I was enrolled in an anatomy class and I was dissecting a rat. (I am a nurse, furthering my education). The instructions read, “cut through to expose the penis, it is shaped like a 7.” I was stunned, and looked over the page to see who published the manual, and I looked down at the page number and it was page 33. I also want to add that the entire pathway from the semeniferous tubules to the tip of the penis is shaped just like the memorial ribbon we see on the back of so many cars, whether it be for breast cancer or our troops etc. I don’t think this is a coincidence.
          Christine Lagarde’s speech is just another example of how all of this is in plain sight, if you only question and dig a little.

          Another bit of numerological weirdness and date coincidence is, of course, to TWA flight 800 downed by military missiles off Long Island on July 17, 1996.

          Flt 800, too, provides additional template for patterned official disinformation practices, intimidation of eye witnesses and perhaps over 1k naval personnel, as well as NTSB and FBI being iced from engaging standard investigative protocols. As blatant as it gets.

          So, this incident looks textbook. But to what ends for creating such recklessly lethal and dramatically exploitable distraction, ..or pretext?

          Can anyone come up with a good motive for Putin or the Separatists to do this? Every act has a motive behind it. I am sure we can come up with some good ones for the US and Ukraine puppet government, but how could Russia possibly use this to their advantage?

          To have carried this horrible act out and PROVE it was done by the Ukrainian Military would be extremely damaging to the Ukrainian Government and US.
          I would think they could alter the black box recordings but some sites are reporting they are being turned over to an international body.

          This event is getting more convoluted as time goes on.

          The way I see the big picture is, I don’t believe Russia is our enemy. I think the powers that shouldn’t be in the US and the world are working together like good cop and bad cop to feed the military industry and create total chaos, division, destruction and fear. This way they can offer up a lovely solution to all of these problems like racism, homophobia, women’s educational and reproductive rights, immigration, violence. This solution will be a socialist totalitarian one world government with communitarian law (sounds much prettier than communism) and one religion (looks like it might be B’hai)and one currency. So, it’s easier to see how we may actually strive to be like Russia when you read the Anti-Communitarian Manifesto (if you can actually get a copy)and Behind the Green Mask. This is the Hegelian Dialectic.

          I absolutely agree with you on this point. In George Orwell’s 1984 there are 3 major power blocks that divide the world. Nobody ever seems to know if they are allied or at war with the other blocks. The narrative is constantly changing and history is changed accordingly, which is the protagonists job.

          The only goals here is to perpetuate the conflict and struggle mode that mankind is in. Divide and Conquer politics on global scale. The powers that shouldn’t be are not at war with each other, they are at war with humanity.

          Regarding the flight path, reports in the The New Indian Express ( and New Zealand Herald (, and elsewhere, say MH17 diverted north of its usual flight path in hopes of avoiding storms. According to the former source “Nico Voorbach, a pilot who flew the same journey earlier this summer for KLM, and who is president of the European Cockpit Association,said ‘”I heard that they were diverting from some showers. I think there were thunderclouds. You would ask air traffic control to divert left or right, and they would give you the permission…'”

          I believe the ‘missing’ MLY flight was diverted to the BIOT (Diego Garcia) and retro-fitted there for remote control and destruction over Ukrainian airspace as a false flag operation. If we connect the dots, it’s not hard to figure out. Putin tours South America, BRIC countries openly discussing an alternative to the IMF, discussions to get rid of the Petro Dollar and the USD as a reserve currency, the impending collapse of the US economy and the fiat money system… Nearly every tragedy, ‘attack’, war or other similar event can be traced back to the banking empire and the elite bloodline. Why should this be any different?

          I am leaning towards this viewpoint. We need a lot more information/evidence though. I can’t get past the “pre-dead” passengers (according to frontline witnesses). In one video I watched a little old lady in the village had a body crash through her ceiling and land on her kitchen floor. The camera showed it. Her son said that the body “had no blood” and appeared to have been dead for some time.

          This fits with the (albeit disgusting) scenario where the perps who hijacked MH370 took it to Diego Garcia (where I have believed it was taken) and put the already dead passengers “on ice” they then re-fitted the plane (or used the double that was in a hangar in Tel Aviv) and put the bodies in the cargo bay. They flew the plane to Schiphol, in Amsterdam where it became MH17 (apparently “another MH17) flew out of Schiphol within 24 hours of the first one). Live passengers were loaded onto MH17…so it contained a combination of live passengers and dead ones (in the cargo hold). I believe two Kiev jet fighters (possibly piloted by foreign pilots) shot down the plane. I do not think it was taken down by a BUK missile.

          a) distract from Gaza Invasion
          b) try to brand the Novorussians as “terrorists” so NATO could join the frey
          c) serve as a warning to Putin, whose plane was in the air in the same general vicinity at the time the plane went down. Putin was, in fact, talking to Obama when he got the news and told Obama. Perhaps, given that scenario…it was a warning to both of them to do what the perps want…or else.

          Here is my website which I did not link on my introduction:

          As you will see I already have a post about MH17. BTW, I recently returned from a trip to Russia and was very impressed with the country and the people. Anyone who thinks they would be pushovers in a war would be absolutely stupid.

          Enjoyed browsing your site, greencrow. Your compilation of ideas does indeed resonate irrespective of whether absolutely nailing all details in conjecture towards a whole. How could one possibly hope to put it all seamlessly together?

          Nevertheless, where you’ve arrived as expressed in all its ragged complexity is as proximate, in all probability, as one may reasonably get to the right track in observing this dialectic in acton, in my most humble and ever evolving view.

          As to the broad consequences of our unwitting participation in this matrix of madness, you also sense an inevitability for your part within it. I agree with that, too, as being necessity, at some not too distant point, simply to rebalance naturally in quiet contemplation.

          One standard historical general feature of these circumstantial orchestrations of extreme social stressing is the sudden pulling out of the rug. In our contemporary case it would very likely include this medium once its usefulness as means to control is spent and manifests more as liability. Instances of organized political resistance, as in Egypt, comes to mind as a downside example, however much a manipulation that in itself was. And, however hopeless strictly political solutions in actuality are.

          Be that as it may, I just wanted to acknowledge your perspective as shared and appreciated. For what it’s worth, despite all our uncertainty and angst for the fate of mankind, I have it intuitively that we need most to maintain integrity in whatever we think or imagine. It’s what accounts for James’ success here in nuclear dynamic of attraction. Sensibility, intelligence and good will?

          Or, maybe it’s just a new brotherhood of the beard, who knows?

          A couple of good authors which I believe James has perhaps mentioned in his previous podcasts – I’ll mention them here if anyone’s interested in checking them out. David Icke and Pierre Sabak. Pretty heavy stuff, but I believe the subscribers here are accustomed to the truth.

          Thanks to everyone – most especially James – for all the hard work and the brilliant discussions to enlighten and wake up the world.

          I have a great respect for David Icke. He opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities in this world. He is absolutely fearless about the truth. His website is a gem.

          This forum is great the way you set it up. One of the best formats I’ve experienced. Now, if I could only load up my little greencrow icon onto my tagline : )

          Check out gravitar if you want to get your greencrow icon up and running. That’s what I used for my icon and it works a ton of places without having to do anything.

          Icons can be added via Just click on “Create your own gravatar” from their homepage.

          It doesn’t look half bad on you though)

          The idea that the plane was intentionally shot down by separatists or the Russians directly for that matter seems pretty ludicrous as far as I’m concerned. The part I don’t get is why the separatists tampered with evidence at the crash site, particularly the bodies, considering the obvious implications of doing so. It’s possible that there’s been some reasonable analysis of this aspect, but I haven’t come across it yet. Someone let me know if it’s already been addressed and I’m just missing it.

          I know James added the notification feature (thanks:), but I’m not seeing the option. Under the “Submit Comment” button and the number of characters available (which doesn’t seem to apply), there’s a little bit of text which says “If A New Comment Is Posted:” with “Do Not Send Email Notifications.” underneath, but there’s nothing to select which I can see and I didn’t last post. If anybody has a suggestion I’d appreciate it. Thanks

          Click directly on “Do not send email notifications” and it should give you a list of options, including “Send email notifications only if someone replies to my comments”

          not sure in anyone else has noticed but the so-called smoke trail leading to the explosion is actually off to the side so cannot be anything to do with it.

          Oh, nice. I didn’t realize that text was selectable. Thanks James.

          Here’s an interesting piece of evidence:

          There is a screen shot of the flight list showing MH17 as being cancelled. I am starting to think that the evil doers were operating out of Schiphol. I have read a few nasty things about Schiphol and even got lost in the complex once. Apparently is a hub for drug running, etc.

          Oh, and the CBC has a new report on the crash

          which appears to be a CYA in case the investigation shows Kiev guilty. CBC being just a mouthpiece, it looks as if the PTB are reading the tea leaves and have found humanity will not swallow their latest false flag pill. One thing about them…they know when to “hold em and know when to fold em”. That is one of the secrets to their survival….they never give up…they just morph.

          Schiphol is a shady place indeed. When the El Al boeing crashed on Amsterdam in 1992, it turned out that the plane was loaded on a fenced off area on Schiphol airport that is officially Israeli territory. No one can go in without clearance from Israeli authorities. It is speculated that this area is used for weapon transports from the US. Of course men in white suits were seen at the crash site.

          About drug running? Well, just look up ‘IRT affaire’ and the death of Maarten van Traa. He was president of a Dutch parliamentary commission that investigated drug running by Dutch authorities. Under the cover of ‘investigative methods’ hundreds of tonnes of drugs were smuggled through Schiphol airport. The commission delved a bit too deep and was disbanded. Maarten van Traa died the same year in a tragic car crash.

          In this video Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), Counterintelligence Department head Vitaliy Nayda presents ‘evidence’ of Russian BUK M-1 systems used to shoot down flight MH17.

          Around 4:15 into this video photographic evidence is shown of BUK missile systems allegedly being ordered back across the Russian border.

          The photograph in question is this one in better quality:

          None of the news services are carrying this photo, which is odd cause it actually reveals a designator on the side of it �’

          Here is a video of BUK 312 (third in line) from March 5th, comments on the video report it is filmed near “Soledar, Donetsk region”:

          The BUK systems as they appear in that video 323, 321, 312, 301, 331, & 332

          Video of BUK 332 from MArch 5th, description says “In Artem area was observed movement of military equipment. Through Razdolovku by Yakovlevka hastily proceeded 8 cars antiaircraft missile systems ‘Buk'”:

          Image of BUK 321, allegedly taken July 4th being manuvered by Ukranian Gov’t forces:

          So yeah not sure if this leads anywhere, but it at least APPEARS that, the BUK units being shown as evidence are either still in possession of Ukrainian forces or have been captured. Thoughts?

          Both sides have BUK systems, so nothing can be concluded from the fact that the plane was brought down by a BUK. We need satellite images to know who fired the rocket. I’m pretty sure both sides have these images. This is a war zone and the eyes in the sky are definitely watching.

          I’m not convinced a rocket took the plane down, it might have been a fighter or a bomb or even an autopilot crashing into the ground.

          This is an excellent point, as is often the case with government sponsored false flag terrorism, especially of the US/NATO variety. I recall Dr. Webster Tarpley’s excellent analysis regarding 9/11 and the military drills/exercises that were used as “cover.” There is also a PDF that lists all of the exercises.

          There was a meme for virtually every aspect of 911. In the course of these military exercises, the drills are flipped live. The movie “Operation Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise, gives somewhat of an insight into how an officially sanctioned drill/exercise can be altered and redirected to serve another purpose and/or operation, without the chain of command ever finding out despite their watchful gaze.

          Why would the Ukraine government deploy their surface-to-air missile when the rebels cannot and should have no intention to fly an aircraft?

          and according to friends who living within the region, the government feel no guilt bombing their own civilians anyways.

          Yesterdays No Agenda podcast ( points to NATO exercising the exact type of electronic warfare mentioned earlier in this thread. Shownotes include source documents.

          The interesting thing now is what Russia’s response will be in the coming days and weeks relating to the investigation of this incident. They undoubtedly will have the black boxes, and perhaps transport the wreckage to a secure location in Russia. They will be keen to release any condemning information or perhaps use it as blackmail to win certain favours.

          Looks like my last comment is still “awaiting moderation:”

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.

          Ditto for me, maybe its because my post has a bunch of links in it.

          Yes, posts with more than one link need approval before posting. More anti-spam measures.

          Good article at Global Research:
          Not sure whether it’s been posted yet, but it contains one of the photos of luggage in suspiciously pristine condition, which I mentioned earlier. Ironically, it also includes passports in similarly pristine condition, which I’d stated in regards to the baggage as having reminded me of the passport for one of the alleged hijackers “found” in the wtc rubble.

          The second major passenger airline disaster for Malaysian Airlines within months of each other? Somebody who has a major stake in that airline must have an extraordinary relationship with some very major geopolitical players. If so, whether or not it’s a ‘friends with benefits’ situation or one more closely resembling that of the ‘litigious ex-spouse’ variety probably has a significant backstory of its own, but I find the idea this is supposed to pass as a mere coincidence about as plausible as the explanations provided thus far for either incident. Meta-Conspiracy anybody?

          Found this buried in the comments of a Zerohedge article. Worth putting in the mix…probably:

          Yes I read that and do believe the investigation will lead back to Schiphol as I said in another comment. I saw a comment on YouTube that the Dutch prime minister’s “head is on the chopping block” over this.

          It is premature to speculate what actually happened with MH17, and who was involved. without a doubt it was a conspiracy perpetuated by more than one person.

          As with the MH370 that “vanished” without any trace, it apparently was last supposed to be in the general vicinity of Diego Garcia. An intense on-going search by several nations has been conducted with no assistance from the US that has complete surveillance and tracking facilities at Diego Garcia, as well as detailed satellite imagery. The main entities that suffered were China, Malaysian Airlines and Malaysia that were accused of incompetence. But who gained?

          With MH17 the tragedy has not yet been investigated to any degree and additional information is coming in on a daily basis. Within hours of the disaster Obama stated with some certainty that that H17 was brought down by a surface to air missile, most likely a Russian Buk. What made him so certain, and what evidence did he have? Or did that revelation come to him while playing golf?

          Later news indicated that victims rained from the sky and rumours circulated that some may have been in early stages of decomposition. One body was said to have crashed through the roof of a house and was almost unrecognizable. People on the ground are said to have heard a fighter jet fly away from the vicinity of the explosion. However, some baggage was in almost pristine condition and better shape than my baggage after airport handlers have been at it. Could anything have been planted in the baggage by anyone that was behind the whole thing? At about the same time a Kiev air controlled, the vanishing Carlos, released some information on flight tracking which may or may not be significant.

          Today it was reported by RT that Russia had tracked MH17 on radar. It also tracked a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet in the vicinity that climbed suddenly towards MH14 and within easy attack position. At the same time Russia was tracking Buk missile batteries that the Ukrainian army was moving around in the vicinity.

          The downing of MH17 almost on the heels of the vanishing MH370 is an incredible coincidence that is almost impossible to believe.

          Who is likely to suffer from the downing of MH17? Obviously Malaysia and Malaysian Airlines. But also the anti-Kiev rebels whom the West and Ukraine are condemning.

          Whoever will gain will be all those that want to escalate the Cold War, or even start a Hot Nuclear War, against Russia. The US military industrial complex and arms dealers will benefit most financially.

          Around the time of the infamous “Nuland tape” Where she was conniving with Pyatt about successors to the ousted Ukrainian leader…there was another YouTube video that surfaced. I can’t remember all the details…but it was a secretly recorded conversation between two Kiev Junta military types. They were planning a false flag in eastern Ukraine. One said to the other words roughly to the effect: “You bring the men…I already have the plane pieces.”

          Does anyone else remember this video? It caused a minor sensation at the time and was viral.

          There was a YouTube which purported to be Turkish military discussing setting up a false flag operation in Syria. YouTube was banned in Turkey as a result. The video turned out to be a mish-mash of different conversations, but it did contain a phrase similar to your recollection.

          Thanks for your response. No, I’m pretty sure the video I remember referred to Ukraine. I remember there was a map of Ukraine as one of the pieces to the video.

          Just as an additional small piece of information about the numerical side of things (I am really not interested in numerology generally) the attack on the plane took place on the anniversary of the assassination of Tsar Nicholas 11 and his family, July 17, 1918. Having just returned from a trip to Russia and learning a bit about how Russians feel about their history…this IS significant. If they were attempting to assassinate Putin…this WAS a subliminal message.

          Do you wonder if the timeing of this puzzlement is orchestrated also to divert the world’s attention from the Genocide in Gaza? The recent bombing of Gaza began July 7th (also of numeralogical significance?).

          This press conference with the Russian generals is freaking awesome.

          So the bastards shot it down with an air to air missile.

          And the Russians do not have any flight data on a ground to air missile.

          So Obama flat out lied to the camera, or somebody flat out lied to him.

          And once again, they were ready to start a major war, based on a lie.

          How many times does this have to happen before the sheeple wake up?

          Was this a second EU/US false flag operation?

          The first was the coup in Kiev by armed thugs and sharpshooters. A democratically elected President and Parliament were ousted and replaced by interim figures, many of whom have links with ultra-right wing parties and organised crime. Their first act was to alienate the large Russian-speaking minority by withdrawing approval of Russian as an official language in Ukraine.

          This operation required the aircraft to come down within rebel held territory and not disappear into Russia or the Black Sea. Therefore a false flag operation would require the establishment of what happens when a missile explodes near a Boeing 777 at some 40,000ft because in thin air the outcome is unpredictable.

          The odds against two Malaysian airliners being shot down within four months of each other is extremely high: not only because of the close proximity in time, not only because it could have happened to any number of carriers over those flight areas and not only that both were Boeing 777.

          Cameron delivered an almost immediate verdict on flight MH17 “this is an atrocity made in Moscow, the growing weight of evidence points to a clear conclusion: that flight MH17 was blown out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile fired from a rebel-held area.”

          Was this haste by Cameron in order to get this thing put to bed before a proper investigation was conducted?

          The lack of interest for a unbiased forensic investigation by the West is glaringly obvious as is the silence of the US about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

          [NOTE: I am approving this this one time, but in the future please keep comments under 500 words. – Corbett]

          This is beginning to look more and more like some nightmare conjured from CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, USA.

          Ukraine dances to a tune played in Washington, so the attack on Donetsk would have to have been ordered from there. This is a really desperate move, so it is clear the US is determined to prevent the truth of this matter from being discovered. Artillery, or air strikes on the wreckage will hide the evidence of a bomb on board the plane (if there was one). You could not pay me enough to travel on that corpse train. Mofo’s bound to hit that sucker.

          The flight was from Amsterdam. Schiphol Airport was involved in the ridiculous “underwear bomber” scam that was used to sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of useless scanners at US airports ( Cui bono = Michael Chertoff).

          Could there have been a bomb on the plane?

          The Americans say that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile, and the entire mainstream has been pushing the “Blame Putin” meme since the crash was first reported on Wednesday. The Russian military have released their radar and satellite data, they show no missile launch, but instead a military jet. If it was a Ukrainian Su-25 (not yet confirmed) then it could be equipped with missiles that would certainly hit a Boeing 777 at the range demonstrated.

          So who is the murderer? There are four possibilities:

          East Ukrainian Self defense forces (the rebels, terrorists, pro-Russian fighters – it is one group with many names). Extremely unlikely that they have the capability. They would need radar, which they definitely do not have, and the claims they have the BUK missiles are dubious. Even if they do have the missiles, they do not have the ability to target them, so hitting a jet travelling at 500 mph, 30,000 feet in the air, is inconceivable. The fact that the mainstream media has latched on to this meme, as if it is the only possible explanation, is suspicious in and of itself. Remember WMDs, and Assad “gassed his own people” (some of them are still using that despite its true nature having been discovered and widely understood). The mainstream do no investigations outside of what is permitted by their corporate masters, and the corporate masters want war, as they always do. The presence of a military jet means that missile launch scenarios are no longer relevant, unless and until the USA releases the images the definitely have from military satellites directly overhead as this incident unfolded.

          Russia. Unlike the rebels, the Russians do have the equipment, and the expertise, to knock a passenger jet out of the sky. But why would they want to? The mainstream propose that Putin is evil, and that is all the motive they need. And I am sure there are people posting on web sites all over, laying out ways that evil Putin benefits from this event, but I cannot think of any motive. So the only way Russia could be the murderer is by accident. Accidents happen, sure. But that is a pretty unlikely scenario as well.

          The government forces controlled by Kiev (the Ukrainian military, the soldiers of the fascist junta – another group with many names). They have the BUK missiles, but Russia has provided no training in their use for 23 years. Even with air traffic control obligingly making the target a bit easier to hit, they still have to get it close to the plane, so that the satellite data can be used to justify the missile theory. I don’t think that bunch of clowns in Kiev, or their make believe army, which was getting soundly beaten by the rebels, have the competence. Their pathetic fake videos are getting exposed as propaganda one after another. Their ham-handed suppression of air traffic control, followed by wiping of twitter account . These guys – no way can they be the source of a successful ground to air missile strike. An Su-25 – that they can do.

          Somebody else. CIA?, MI6?, Mossad? There you have means, motive and opportunity.

          If somebody, anybody at all, knew in advance that this plane was going down, then the finger of accusation has to point at the intelligence agencies. They would have to put a bomb on the plane to make sure it blew up if the ancient BUK missile failed in its first attempt to hit a plane since 2001. In 2001 the Ukrainian military “accidently” shot down a passenger plane over the Black Sea and lied about it for months. The Ukrainian military is a severely degraded institution, and the fact they managed to hit a plane with a Buk missile, by accident thirteen years ago, does not mean they can hit one on purpose today. They can still get their jets in the air, and heat seeking missiles do not have to be laser guided or radar targeted.

          If the intelligence agencies were involved in creating this scary drama, then that would explain the passports, the rotting corpses devoid of blood, and the fake videos. The intelligence agencies have dirt on everyone, so they call the shots, tell the media what to print, and generally do whatever the hell they want, and nobody calls them on the carpet for it. They never get asked about anything they don’t want to talk about. It’s 911 all over again.

          They have apparently decided to have a massive global war. That’s how they plan to deal with resource depletion, climate change, the coming collapse in food production, the zombie banks and the fake money. They plan to have a massive global conflagration, kill billions of people, and somehow survive themselves, on a depopulated planet, with a few thousand robots to do the work.

          They may have already released the deadly pathogen that will wipe out hundreds of millions of people, and allow them to microchip everybody else with the vaccine. The ones with useful skills will get the vaccine, the chip, and a life of slavery, with just enough creature comforts to enable them to be productive. Of the rest, the ones that don’t die in the famines, the nuclear power plant meltdowns, the collapse of the infrastructure, the wars and the pestilence, will be taken out by drones. The Tom Cruise movie Oblivion predicts exactly that. Except in that movie, the bad guys are aliens, not the 0.1%, who may, actually, be aliens, if David Icke is to be believed.

          One of them thar sock puppets posted a bunch of drizzle on my Fakebook page (serves me right for having one, I guess). Anyway since this is obviously a cut and paste job, I thought I let you guys have my responses which you may find handy if this claptrap shows up in your social media feed.

          He refers to Flight MH17 as MH317 throughout.

          Oooh whopp dee doo, an out of date cut and paste job.

          The Wikipedia entry for the Su-25 has certainly been modified. The manufacturer’s website – not so easy to distort.

          1) MH317 was traveling at 33,000 feet.
          2) The Su-25’s is a ground attack jet with an altitude ceiling is 23,000 feet.

          This is bullshit. As can be seen here, ( the service ceiling is 10 km, 10,000 meters, or 32,808.4 feet.

          3) The Su-25 carries a single tiny AA missile incapable of air-to-air attacks.

          You are making this too easy. The Su-25 can carry R-27R, R-77 and R-73 air-to-air missiles

          4) The speed of a 777 at that altitude would outrun a SU-25

          Probably, but they were heading towards each other, so that’s not exactly relevant is it? And it’s the speed of the missile that matters. I would look them up for you, but since I have already completely demolished your bullshit, I can’t be bothered.

          5) There was no comms from MH317 saying it was being trailed.

          The frogfoot was in front.

          6) Someone from a Kremlin IP has been editing Wikipedia to increase the Su-25 ceiling.

          Oooh. So someone from the country that manufactures that airplane is trying to correct the misinformation provided to suckers like you.

          So far your entire argument is based on fake data from Wikipedia. Nice try fool. Now get lost.

          I found the information on the proposed false flag in Ukraine:

          What I saw on YouTube was based on this report but also had secretly recorded conversations between the parties.

          Found interesting post with analysis on possible MH17 attack with “air-to-air” missiles. The analysis is based on pictures showing MH17 wing riddled by shrapnel. The post is in Russian but you can use google translator and I can help to clarify if any confusions with translation:

          Pls note: special warhead is used in aircraft missiles designed specifically for aerial targets. It has a beam of pointed rods (sometimes welded together, sometimes not). When missile gets close to the target, warhead explodes and this beam of rods almost at the cosmic speed hits the target. On contact, kinetics of the rod is such that it can split in half titanium spar. The warhead has another advantage – missile does not require absolute precision as it explodes before it reaches the target. If 2-3% of these rods hit the target, the plane is doomed.

          “Reference is made to military operations using combat aircraft from the Ukrainian military. Who is being attacked? Under what authority are these attacks being staged?”

          I would like to point out why this planecrash most likely was a staged event besides all technical evidence or indications. Most important of all questions regarding this presumption should obviously be: Why would they do it?

          The whole MH17 story is a nice twist to distract from the actual ongoing operations on the ground in eastern Ukraine. The “Anti-Terror-Operation” has already become classical civil-war. The Junta in Kiew disposes of both largest obstacles to sustaining their power: the nonconformist people of Donbass, Donezk & region on the one hand and all of the young yet-to-become opposition forces in their own homeland on the other. This is a huge killing of Ukrainians on both sides of the war. Since this information is going to go viral within Ukraine (rather sooner than later), the regime is in urgent need of support from warmongers outside it’s own borders.

          Also, there are some striking similarities to the american mainstream tv-show LOST, wherein a plane gets lost to later be found in a fake (staged) ocean crash. Another plane (later in the series) gets dumped forcefully on a targeted crash site (“the island”). It is of great importance to the plot that both planes contain a dead body in the storage department. The second flight starts from a U.S. military base in the indian ocean/pacific (I’m not sure if Guam is correct, that’s what I remember). Also there is a strong theme of “numbers” throughout the entire series. Odd similarities to be purely coincidental.

          Maybe this has to be understood as an intended hint to the scripted nature of the unfolding events around this new “hot cold war” of our current time?

          Anyone see this piece out today?

          It seems beyond belief but the size of the engines on a 777 seem much larger then what we see in the debris field attributed to MH 17. While the perspective may be off due to the differing size of many of the components within the overall assembly, I’ve yet to see any picture showing a forward fan blade unit of anywhere close to the size of a 777.

          There are reports that the actual flight MH 17 was cancelled. Is it possible that they would set up a false flag and not use comparable engine sizes? I’ve heard they screwed up with these details on 911 but such a mistake (if it were made) would surely suggest that the bulk of the planning was done by parties unfamiliar with the different models of aircraft.

          My suggestion to the Malaysian government would be to bundle both the MH17 and MH370 investigations into one. That way, they can have the same team of experts look at both disasters and come up with probable causes. The truly international team of investigators will have the right of subpoena and can subpoena all documents from Kiev, Russia, Thailand and The United States.

          MH370 was never investigated and, IMO, this will be the last opportunity to do justice to the victims of that disaster.

          I think there are a couple points to consider here:

          1) I think James’ excellent piece on MH370 is worth revisiting. The idea of remote hijacking is not new and could be used to explain how MH17 “veered off course” into what was supposedly declared a “No Fly Zone” by the Kiev fascist government on July 8. So why was the plane where it should not have been?

          2) Although we do not have the resources to undertake this investigation, a fruitful line of inquiry is whether the MH17 plane is actually the hijacked MH370 plane, retrofitted and re-purposed. It certainly would not be outside the realm of possibility, given the stranger things our investigations into the truth have revealed.

          3) I think the occult/numerology references by Madamme Lagarde are interesting and captivating, but not entirely convincing. Although I wouldn’t ascribe too much weight into the numbers themselves, after watching her speech in the link, I was taken by her reference to the “G7,” before Russia was kicked out of the “G8.” Certainly an insider, or part of the “adept” if you want to consider occult language, she would be privy to certain information that the “profane” would not.

          4) Ukraine is definitely a big piece in the chessboard, as noted by Brzezinski himself in “The Grand Chessboard.”

          We must remember, these people – Brzezinski, Lagarde, etc. – are all insiders with insider knowledge of things before they unfurl, often years in advance of their agenda.

          5) The timing and link of this false flag operation during the announcement of the BRICS Bank in Forteleza, and Israel’s attack on Gaza should also be considered. It’s also potentially being set up as a bankster/oil vs. natural gas turf war between the old powers vs. the new.

          This report in the China Times seems to have been totally ignored in the media coverage of flight MN370. It is still available on line and includes a map of where oil and debris was found

          “Gui Feng Wang reported at 20:25 on March 8

          According to the U.S. CN reports, one of Vietnam rescue aircraft have discovered oil and debris in Malaysia and Vietnam at the junction of the sea. (From Wenhui Network)

          Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and other five countries involved in search and rescue. Malaysia, Vietnam, flew lock may have lost contact with the sea search. According to the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) reported that instant, one of Vietnam rescue aircraft have discovered oil and debris in Malaysia and Vietnam at the junction of the sea.
          In addition, the U.S. Embassy said the 2:43 U.S. military bases stationed in Thailand U-Tapao SOS signal was listening to some of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 emergency call, said the aircraft cabin facing disintegration driver call, they want a forced landing . U.S. troops are currently stationed in Thailand, Malaysia has been providing this signal”

          Hi malshy,
          yes it is worthwhile to consider initial reports of major incidents and watch how the story sometimes gets redirected. I came across this report you posted also in mid April .

          Further to this information that, in my opinion points to a shoot down in the South China Sea , the was the obligatory drill going on at the same time as the false flag, this time it was Cobra Gold, the regular joint military excersise featuringThailand, US and some friendly SE asian countries. At the very least they had AWACS in the skies monitoring all communications and radar in the area. At the worst they shot it down.

          Then there is the first eye witness report. A worker stationed on an oil rig in the South China Sea immediately emailed his employer from the rig after seeing an explosion at altitude and a falling fiery trail of debris at the time MH370 was apparently doing U-turns and other aerial acrobatics to take the heat away from the oil slick crime scene.

          New pics of crash site and they look good, done by professional:

          haha, there is a picture of an intact vinyl record in the wreckage debris?

          78 comments for &ldquo Russia’s Very Different Reality &rdquo

          One of those interesting articles about Putin as a person, his values and Russia as a country that is inclusive and trying to make its people happy.

          Super and much needed piece, Natylie Baldwin (especially now that the links work). Many thanks indeed!

          Regarding Russia’s deep historic background, it is worth noting that prior to the Mongol invasion, there was another, less despotic Russia, represented by the Novgorod Republic, with indigenous, council-type governing institutions such as “veches” (cognate to “soviets”). This tradition was ended when, post-Mongols, hitherto obscure, absolutist Moscow was the state left standing to begin its historic expansion.

          So today’s Russians can look to their own past, and not just models in the more “advanced’ West, for inspiration in their democratic development.

          In Russian Newspaper Monitor, an overview of Russian media landscape, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the front-page articles from three Russian newspapers: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Kommersant and Nezavisimaya Gazeta. He focuses on the recent interviews by the Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, the state of the Russian-German relations, the recent movement of the “Iskander-M” rocket launchers, and the Russian influence in Central Asia.

          Filip Kovacevic (PhD University of Missouri-Columbia, 2002) is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Politics at the University of San Francisco, California specializing in geopolitics, U.S. foreign policy, and East-Central European / Eurasian affairs. He is the author of seven books, dozens of academic articles & conference presentations and hundreds of newspaper columns and media commentaries. He has been invited to lecture throughout the EU, Balkans, ex-USSR and the US.

          Kovacevic has been one of the leading intellectual figures campaigning for democratic reforms, the rule of law, and the protection of human rights in Montenegro. He is the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro and has been sharply critical of the ruling oligarchy, its abuse of Montenegrin state resources and persecution of political opponents as well as its servile foreign policy.

          Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinov, Stanslav Markelov, Boris Nemtsov. All critics of Putin. All murdered. By common hoodlums, all of them? Or by order of Putin?

          1) Being a critic of Vladimir Putin does not give anybody the secret of eternal life, so yes, such people can die from other causes, natural or otherwise, than by order of the Dark Lord.

          2) Even if Putin really is bumping off journalists or others he doesn’t like, that fact—while lamentable, and worthy of exposure—is still peripheral, if not irrelevant, to the dangerously rising geopolitical tension between the U.S. (and its cronies) and Russia, and doesn’t change the manifest public record of Russia acting rationally, diplomatically, and in accordance with international law, while the U.S. flagrantly and relentless behaves otherwise.

          Thank you for the tremendous effort you put into this piece. I have come to expect excellent journalism from Robert Party’s site. Nonetheless this piece goes above and beyond the call of duty and stands out even on Robert’s site. I am also impressed with the fact that you are responding to commenters. I have recently tried very hard to understand Vladimir Putin. His foreign policy is completely rational and sensible and his rhetoric (ie. speeches at Valdai and interview with Charlie Rose) is right on the money. However much of his history disturbs me. Since you have obviously done a lot of research on Putin and Russia I am hoping that you can point me in the right direction and help me research a couple of issues that are puzzling me. First, I don’t understand what went on when Putin was head of the Committee for External Relations in St. Petersburg in the early 90’s. He seems to have set up a series of barter arrangements which were supposed to enable St. Petersburg to trade precious metals for food to help solve a food shortage at that time. It appears that $93 million in metals was spent, but that no food was received in exchange. Marian Salye investigated this and tried unsuccessfully to prosecute Putin for this. She posted all of the documents associated with this fiasco on a Miami University website before she died. You can still find and download these documents if you Google “Salye Commission Documents.” You can see what appears to be Putin’s signature in several places in these documents above lines with Putin V.V. typed in Cyrilic. The signature are unreadable but I assume that Putin actually signed and stamped these documents. He gave speeches lauding these agreements and then either failed to follow through on them or misappropriated all of the funds acquired from the transactions resulting from them. Secondly the circumstances surrounding the Moscow apartment bombings are troubling. Shortly after Putin gave up his position as head of the FSB to become acting Prime Minister of the Russian Federation the apartment bombings occurred. The FSB was caught planting what appeared to be explosives in the basement of an apartment building in Ryazan shortly after the apartment bombings. There appear to almost be more stories explaining the apartment bombings than people telling these stories so this series of incidents is really confusing. Putin is believed by many to be building a palatial estate on the Black Sea with money hidden in shell companies. Some claim he has embezzled about $40 billion from Russia via companies like Rosinvest. I really want to get my head around Putin. The harder I try the more confused I get. Can you help?

          Apologies for the typos on the above comment. My spellchecker does atrocious things on this tablet and I don’t always catch them.

          Vladimir’s Tale — Anne Applebaum, 2012

          “To illustrate the nature of Russia’s new ruling class, [Masha] Gessen provides portraits of several major and minor characters who have functioned within and around it since the 1990s. They include Mayor Sobchak, a friend and mentor to both Putin and his sidekick, ex-president Dmitri Medvedev Boris Berezovsky, the oligarch—a former mathematician and engineer—who, by his own account, introduced Putin to Yeltsin, and thus facilitated his rise to power Andrei Bystritsky, the Russian state television executive who was one of the chief propagandists for the Putin reelection campaign in 2004 and Alexander Litvinenko, the FSB officer murdered by radiation poisoning in London in 2006, after attempting to expose corruption in the FSB. She investigates Putin’s role in the botched KGB coup attempt of 1991, in the terrorist attack on a Moscow theater in 2002, and in the prosecution of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oil oligarch who was arrested in 2003 after becoming too critical of Putin, and who remains in prison almost ten years later, following a series of what can only be called show trials.”

          Comrade ms57 recycled this Atlantic Council Hasbara troll cheat sheet comment from his August 4, 2016 at 11:02 am post at

          The anti-Russian propaganda doesn’t get more virulent and unhinged than Hillary supporters Anne Applebaum (Jewish Pole) and Masha Gessen (Jewish Russian). The fact that both female propagandists are Jewish has no bearing on the matter. None. Nada

          Writing from Warsaw, Applebaum’s unquestionably hysterical “total war” rhetoric won her the 2014 Joseph Goebbels award:

          Masha Gessen worked for US (CIA) funded Radio Liberty which broadcasts propaganda into Eastern Europe and Russia. Her major beef against Putin is his opposition to homosexuality, as she is a committed LGBT activist.

          She is not a fan of Trump and drops disparaging remarks about both Vladimir and Donald in the below article published in the NY Review of Books.

          It’s China in the East Russia in the West with the US on the far side of the Atlantic trying to peep in, guns blazing! The Phillipines was the beginning the Middle East is where it will be end. Clinton may win, but Trump is America in its simplest essence

          I at first missed this article because as I found out a few days later, bounced it being sent to my regular Yahoo Inbox “for policy reasons!” That was the reason given on my Mailer Demon notice. And Yahoo began refusing to deliver all Consortium articles after that.

          Apparently, they don’t like Bob Parry undermining their narrative blaming Russia, the official state propaganda, and this has bled over to the Internet. Consortium is peddling dangerous ideas to us weak minded citizens. Folks, 1984 has officially arrived and net censorship is here. We are in a hell of a mess in this country. Anyone that reads this stuff is going to be branded as a terrorist.

          Ah, Putin does not accept bribes, or even “gifts,” nor most likely “speaking fees.” So he can not be bought by the Empire and is therefore “corrupt.” War is peace. Slavery is freedom.

          This was a very interesting and useful essay to read. As for the part I’m quoting, I’ve wondered why I haven’t been seeing anything like this anywhere else.

          Today, we have an epidemic of militarized police officers who are shooting first and asking questions later more and more people on death row are turning out to be innocent rising inequality threatens our stability and, a system of deep corruption in terms of campaign financing has compromised our democracy – corruption that is so profound that two political science academics have recently quantified the ways in which we are now officially an oligarchy.

          Is this any better than Russia’s corruption because it has been folded into our legal system? We certainly have our own “oligarchs” in the form of the Koch brothers, Bill Gates, and the Walton family. Perhaps we can concede that it’s not very useful to beat on Russia for not being Switzerland after only 25 years.

          The corruption and rotten dealing in the US has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. It may be paralleling the ever-more-extreme wealth divide, and the belief some people are “too rich to prosecute”, let alone jail. Unfortunately prosecutors are increasingly taking this attitude too.

          Natylie Baldwin– “In February, the Obama administration announced that it was quadrupling funding for a major increase in NATO troops and weaponry in the countries of Eastern Europe on the border with Russia.”

          Obama’s buttons are pushed by The Minds Behind The Curtain. It’s, obey or die in our system of democracy. Proof, as always, is in the pudding. Obama was “brought to heel” very effectively, very early in his presidency. We’ll witness how he fares in the coming existing years of “American Democracy” after his stint as president in the era of Color Blindness. [giggle]

          His purported military blunders, which have “weakened America” were always shots called by men behind the curtain.

          What’s needed most today is an awakening, a revival of the spirit and commitment of a TOM HAYDEN – who just passed away –


          That was an extraordinarily good article that covers just about all the questions one could have on Putin and Russia. I was fascinated by the description of his time as assistant mayor of St Petersburg, also by the fact that he alone didn’t take bribes.
          I’m forwarding this to all my friends and relatives who seem to think Putin is the devil incarnate (thank you Network news media). I will encourage them to read it, but it is long and most of these people don’t want to spare the time it takes to read more than a tweet. We live in a “don’t bother me with facts” country. I wish Natalie’s description of Putin’s career could be injected into Wikipedia, but I suppose that’s too much to ask.

          Could Putin be western media’s archetype of Prince Myshkin, the chief character in Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot.”?

          Ranny Moss, I too also liked the article for many of the previously unknown items on Putin’s working life. What he did as a KGB agent, how he got into politics and all the steps that ultimately took him to being the president of Russia. The treachery of elements of the US Govt. in NOT honoring the Gorbachev / GHW Bush agreement about NATO goes to the Neocon , Pentagon and certain lawmakers supporting the MIC . Here’s a group that I belong to…Vladimir Putin Fan Club NZ . Putin It Right !! on F/B Give it a look ! Many in NZ are against the TPP , in the last 6 years their Govt has been co-opted by a Neocon PM. He’s an ex Merrill-Lynch banker who has made loads before the 2008 meltdown and has the country on the road to ruin. But like their US model, and their media being no better then ours as far as reporting accurate news he was re-elected a year and a half back. The parasites are difficult to get rid of once they get in office .

          Thank you for publishing this very informative article. I guess Trump knew what he was talking about when he said he wanted to make friends with Putin. (I’m voting Stein, not Trump).

          Really good article. Thank you for providing some clarity.

          It is most important right now to have an alternative voice to the MSM on Russia and President Putin. Thanks to you Natylie Baldwin for your reporting.

          Clearly it will become increasingly important that America gets good and accurate information about Russia going forward, as the American Wurlitzer of disinformation is running on full volume.
          I especially agree with your statement by Stephen F. Cohen, “we need a pragmatic partnership with Russia if we are to have any hope of addressing the most pressing challenges facing humanity: nuclear disarmament, catastrophic climate change, terrorism and global inequalities that have become destabilizing.”

          Should a Hillary Clinton Presidency be in our future it will be all the more important to speak loudly and accurately in opposition if there is to be any hope of averting further War.

          Thanks for the link Bob. A review of Natylie’s book is so well done, I think it should be posted in its entirety here:

          “I’m not sure if there’s been a better written book published yet this year than Ukraine: Zbig’s Grand Chessboard and How the West Was Checkmated, but I’m confident there’s not been a more important one. With some 17,000 nuclear bombs in the world, the United States and Russia have about 16,000 of them. The United States is aggressively flirting with World War III, the people of the United States have not the foggiest notion of how or why, and authors Natylie Baldwin and Kermit Heartsong explain it all quite clearly. Go ahead and tell me there’s nothing you’re now spending your time on that’s less important than this.

          This book may very well be the best written one I’ve read this year. It puts all the relevant facts — those I knew and many I didn’t — together concisely and with perfect organization. It does it with an informed worldview. It leaves me nothing to complain about at all, which is almost unheard of in my book reviews. I find it refreshing to encounter writers so well-informed who also grasp the significance of their information.

          Nearly half the book is used to set the context for recent events in Ukraine. It’s useful to understand the end of the cold war, the irrational hatred of Russia that pervades elite U.S. thinking, and the patterns of behavior that are replaying themselves now at higher volume. Stirring up fanatical fighters in Afghanistan and Chechnya and Georgia, and targeting Ukraine for similar use: this is a context CNN won’t provide. The partnership of the neocons (in arming and provoking violence in Libya) with the humanitarian warriors (in riding to the rescue for regime change): this is a precedent and a model that NPR won’t mention. The U.S. promise not to expand NATO, the U.S. expansion of NATO to 12 new countries right up to the border of Russia, the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and pursuit of “missile defense” — this is background that Fox News would never deem significant. U.S. support for the rule of criminal oligarchs willing to sell off Russian resources, and Russian resistance to those schemes — such accounts are almost incomprehensible if you’ve consumed too much U.S. “news,” but are explained and documented well by Baldwin and Heartsong.

          This book includes excellent background on the use and abuse of Gene Sharp and the color revolutions instigated by the U.S. government. A silver lining may be found, I think, in the value of nonviolent action recognized by all involved — whether for good or ill. The same lesson can be found (for good this time) in the civilian resistance to Ukrainian troops in the spring of 2014, and the refusal of (some) troops to attack civilians.

          The Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004, the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003, and Ukraine II in 2013-2014 are recounted well, including detailed chronology. It’s truly remarkable how much has been publicly reported that remains buried. Western leaders met repeatedly in 2012 and 2013 to plot the fate of Ukraine. Neo-Nazis from Ukraine were sent to Poland to train for a coup. NGOs operating out of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev organized trainings for coup participants. On November 24, 2013, three days after Ukraine refused an IMF deal, including refusing to sever ties to Russia, protesters in Kiev began to clash with police. The protesters used violence, destroying buildings and monuments, and tossing Molotov cocktails, but President Obama warned the Ukrainian government not to respond with force. (Contrast that with the treatment of the Occupy movement, or the shooting on Capitol Hill of the woman who made an unacceptable U-turn in her car with her baby.)

          U.S.-funded groups organized a Ukrainian opposition, funded a new TV channel, and promoted regime change. The U.S. State Department spent some $5 billion. The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State who handpicked the new leaders, openly brought cookies to protesters. When those protesters violently overthrew the government in February 2014, the United States immediately declared the coup government legitimate. That new government banned major political parties, and attacked, tortured, and murdered their members. The new government included neo-Nazis and would soon include officials imported from the United States. The new government banned the Russian language — the first language of many Ukrainian citizens. Russian war memorials were destroyed. Russian-speaking populations were attacked and murdered.

          Crimea, an autonomous region of Ukraine, had its own parliament, had been part of Russia from 1783 until 1954, had publicly voted for close ties to Russia in 1991, 1994, and 2008, and its parliament had voted to rejoin Russia in 2008. On March 16, 2014, 82% of Crimeans took part in a referendum, and 96% of them voted to rejoin Russia. This nonviolent, bloodless, democratic, and legal action, in no violation of a Ukrainian constitution that had been shredded by a violent coup, was immediately denounced in the West as a Russian “invasion” of Crimea.

          Novorossiyans, too, sought independence and were attacked by the new Ukrainian military the day after John Brennan visited Kiev and ordered that crime. I know that the Fairfax County Police who have kept me and my friends away from John Brennan’s house in Virginia have had no clue what hell he was unleashing on helpless people thousands of miles away. But that ignorance is at least as disturbing as informed malice would be. Civilians were attacked by jets and helicopters for months in the worst killing in Europe since World War II. Russian President Putin repeatedly pressed for peace, a ceasefire, negotiations. A ceasefire finally came on September 5, 2014.

          Remarkably, contrary to what we’ve all been told, Russia didn’t invade Ukraine any of the numerous times we were told that it had just done so. We’ve graduated from mythical weapons of mass destruction, through mythical threats to Libyan civilians, and false accusation of chemical weapons use in Syria, to false accusations of launching invasions that were never launched. The “evidence” of the invasion(s) was carefully left devoid of location or any verifiable detail, but has all been decidedly debunked anyway.

          U.S. Mulls Sending Warships To Black Sea In Support Of Ukraine: CNN Report

          An unnamed official from the Department of Defense told CNN that the Navy is flying reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the Black Sea to monitor Russian naval movements.

          They said that moving warships into the region would send a message of strength to Russia and put the Kremlin on notice that the US is monitoring the situation.

          And “if something changes we will be ready to respond,” the official said.

          This goes completely counter to a US warship that was sent away from the region on March 27 th .

          It left the region on April 2 nd , due to the Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal.

          The Dwight D. Eisenhower will later sail to the Persian Gulf region.

          Under a 1936 treaty giving Turkey control of the straits to enter the Black Sea, the US must give 14 days’ notice of its intent to move ships.

          Russia’s defense ministry announced that it was moving more than 10 vessels, including landing boats and artillery warships, from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea to take part in military exercises, Reuters reported.

          The frigate Admiral Essen conducted artillery firings in the Black Sea, successfully striking coastal targets at a practice range in Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet’s press office reported on April 8 th .

          “The crew of the Black Sea Fleet’s frigate Admiral Essen held preparatory and qualification artillery firings on coastal targets located at the Opuk training ground on the Crimean Peninsula. The firings on coastal targets were conducted as part of a final check of the Black Sea Fleet’s forces for the winter training period,” the press office said in a statement.

          At the first stage of the firings, the frigate’s artillery units practiced an algorithm of operations. At the second stage, the artillery personnel conducted preparatory firings from the A-190 gun on coastal targets, the statement says.

          “As part of holding qualification artillery firings, the personnel successfully struck both visible coastal targets and invisible objects, using navigational data and an auxiliary aiming point,” the press office added, noting that at the next stage the crew of the frigate Admiral Essen would be assessed in carrying out joint drills with fighters of the Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation for repelling a notional enemy’s air strike.

          Intelligence reports indicate Russia is holding training and exercises with no perceived orders for additional military action, but the situation could change quickly, according to the anonymous Defense official cited by CNN.

          Since Ukraine began exacerbating the situation in Eastern Ukraine and towards Crimea, and blamed it on Russia, President Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan have since reached out to their Ukrainian counterparts.

          U.S. European Command, meanwhile, has raised its alert status to its highest level.

          “We call on Russia to make their intentions more clear as to what they’re doing with these array of forces along the border and we continue to call for the ceasefires that were called for by the Minsk Agreement,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on April 6 th .

          He added that it was important “to de-escalate the tensions along that border” and “for the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine to be respected by Russia.”

          Russian President Vladimir Putin this week accused Ukraine of provocative action in the country’s eastern region during a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Putin claimed it was Kiev that was “inflaming the situation there.”

          Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow can move its troops at its “discretion.”

          MORE ON THE TOPIC:

          Scammers Are Hunting ISIS Supporters Desperate To Get Their Comrades Out Of Al-Hawl Camp In Syria

          In Video: PKK Drone Bombed Turkish Military Post In Iraqi Kurdistan

          Iraqi Military Foiled Rocket Attack, Seized Booby-Trapped Vehicle Near Border With Syria (Photos, Video)

          Lithuania Mulls Building Fence Along Belarus Border To Curb ‘Weaponized’ Migration

          They will become submarines the moment they start firing

          Convertible submarines, at that.

          The world is getting tired of the US Bully Boy.

          Yet the world cant seem to get enough of US ” culture ” , movies, porn, clothes, and money . Maybe the world is at fault here ?

          US “culture” is as dazzling and addictive as fentanyl or crack cocaine.

          Yet people with any smarts and common sense know not to touch either of those. What does that tell you about a large percentage of the world’s population ?

          Humans will aways be humans.
          That’s all to it, fog ..

          Then they will be willing perpetual slaves.

          If there is the war, which there are still many doubts, for Americans and NATO would end badly in any case, if they pull back because no one wants to die for four Nazi thugs will lose their face, if they decide to die for one lost cause, then they will die and after three days of fighting, the few that would still be alive, will remain without weapons and without ammunition, without spare parts all the ridiculous knocker would remain helpless, in both cases it will be the end of NATO and we hope also in the End of the filty Neo-liberal monstrosity called pretentiously European Union, checkmate.

          You assume they come there, they attack and they run out of ammo.

          Much as if You assume, theyre are even more stupid then Yourself.

          30,000 NATO Forces are in the Defender Exercise, which Ukraine Forces are meant to be joining.

          Remember 2014, the cauldrons and how Merkel legged it to the Kremlin, begging for help, getting the NATO Forces out of the cauldrons? The US could not eavesdrop in the Kremlin and the meeting led to Minsk II Agreement, with France and Germany guaranteeing that Ukraine would deliver. Which they did not and have now officially pulled out of the agreement, hoping their good friend and resource pillager Biden, will be fully supportive of their ambitions. Donetsk Airport, also has a lot of NATO Forces corpses rotting in the foundations, with nobody picking them up. Children still searching for mummy and daddy, wondering why they never came home.

          Then you have the Russian military exercise, a couple of years ago in Siberia. I do believe they had about 300,000 serving military personnel, and the exercise finished just before the NATO exercise, again with 30,000 serving military personnel. One of the largest exercises that NATO has conducted. Many of the Forces arrested for various drunk and disorderly actions, before the exercise started and many injured in basic road traffic accidents and similar. Again, before the exercises started and not forgetting they did not have enough thermals for the cold weather, at the time. Then it ended with Norway, under the guidance of the US, writing off one of their destoyers or was it a frigate?

          So can you imagine their reaction, when faced with 300,000 Russian Forces and toys, at the borders? With the S-500 looking for a few exercises, before they enter active service? Just to top up the S-200, S-300 and S-400 systems.

          I wonder if NATO have ordered enough NATO Strength Pampers, for the current exercise, because I am sure they are going to need them. Do believe Russia has now simply had enough and ready to show who is the boss, with good effect.

          Show of strength, what show of strength. They are in Russia’s swimming pool, if the fire the missiles coming back at them will send them all to the bottom of the sea!

          That’s why you don’t see many Russian vessels in the deep blue waters, they like their children swimming pool.

          It doesnt matter. I have seen Russian warships and Subs in Caribe sea, Indian ocean, South Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean..such as Kirov class, Slava class, Udaloy, beside new frigates and corvettes….here the question is that 2-3 US warships are Sitting Ducks inside Black sea….

          That was the Donald Duck cruise after an EWS attack…

          Quack, Quack as they queued up with their resignations. Still clucking and a quacking, yet, go back for more. I wonder how many from 2014 are still with the ship or returned to the ship? Or even in the Navy?

          Are you saying you are ‘quackers’ Jens?

          You travel a lot in your dreams. Let me guess, sleeping pills?

          They are there, you just dont see them.
          Like when they surfaced in the Gulf of Mexico or the East coast.

          Indeed, you dream about living in Russia instead of that failedstate Ukropisstan.

          I don’t like cold weather, humidity, angry people and bumpy roads. I like Mediteranean climate and chill people.

          Than you don’t like Detroit… wacist.
          Hmm sunny Tel-Aviv …

          Is that an invitation?
          I have to decline, sorry.

          Yeah I was inviting you in a romantic trip on a mediteran luxury resort

          Most of the coastline is not Russian territory or part of their Neocolonialisme. You can add Crimea and its same thing. NO PATENT.

          But it’s so close that they have it covered by radar and missiles. If the US attacks from their it will be suicide for the ships!

          Again its forgotten that USA and Nato actually are capable to shoot and use radars as well. We are no sitting ducks and as stupis as several writes here.

          Tell that to the sailors of the USS Donald Cooke. Think they will say different. Well those serving on the ship back in April 2014. Stuck in the middle of the Black Sea, with no electrical power, courtesy a Russian whicker basket, just after Bastion was smiling warmly at them.

          Interesting. Have heard reports of this being used on the Chinese back in the 80s.

          Re. No sitting ducks. You will be when the power goes off and nothing works…….except bows and arrows! Pmsl.

          Nice alt-history map there. When you get back to reality you’ll find that Russia controls quite a bit more than that.

          Yanks are a long way from home. Maybe they should go back there?

          Wherever the US military goes, suffering follows. So take some “suffering” home, Yanks.

          Covid as a cover for the CIA to kill Americans at will.

          Covid provided a cover for the CIA to distribute poisons to close to 99% of American restaurants. Thus the CIA can poison anyone at anytime. They do not have to break into your home to poison you. In the old days of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, the CIA had agents shoot the target. It was becoming obvious not just in the USA but globally that those were state sanctioned murders. Thus the CIA switched to the new method of poisons. This is why Covid had a protracted expansion in the USA while China was able to control Covid-19 after a few months. The CIA did not believe the Chinese or Russians would be able to develop such good vaccines. The CIA was hoping it would use vaccines to steal mineral resources from poor countries (we will give you Covid vaccines if you give us your oil or minerals type negotiations)

          I had a female friend try out one of the foods from the restaurants meant for me. She had severe abdominal discomfort and was angry I allowed her to try it. I told her this is the secret of the CIA’s success in poisoning Americans. Just call it a conspiracy theory while killing the targets. The dead targets make no statements.

          Ever since I stopped eating in restaurants, I have had no abdominal discomfort. The truth is the CIA now uses ordinary restaurants in America to kill people. That dream has been proven. This will also be one of the accusations that would be filed against the CIA in the future during the trials which will see those agents executed.

          How I Got into trouble with the Central Intelligence Agency.

          My life now is hard. Any restaurant I walk into in the USA regardless of the city, a text message with my picture gets sent to the chef, owner or waiter for a few drops of a clear looking liquid to be sprinkled on my food. This chemical causes severe stomach and gastrointestinal discomfort enough to have concerns of a myocardial infarction.

          How did I earn this new role in the USA? By simply using an unfortunate ability I thought was cute when I was a child but now has made me live a life of misery. When I go to sleep most nights I see things around me like women having babies (as a kid my neighbors used to walk up to me to ask if they were going to have a boy or a girl. This was before ultrasound in a developing country). I also see global events , murders and destruction. Always something todo with new life as in babies or death as with wars.

          I have tried to see lottery numbers or positive things however for some reason I don’t. Only things affecting me personally.

          Unfortunately I found the CIA committing murders and planning plane crashes, wars, creating terrorists like ISIS or Boko Haram. The CIA using the world bank and the IMF to impoverish millions leading to the death of children. I wrote about the IMF as it affected a country of interest and hence the CIA zoned in on me.

          I wish I never had this ability. I wish I was a plane Joe. Now despite my honesty and hard work, the CIA has stolen any chance of me getting into a medical residency. So I am a doctor without the ability to practice as one. Instead I work as an assistant while the CIA constantly make plans for me to lose such jobs. I move from city to city with the same outcome. This is my miserable life all because of my God given abilities.

          One would think the CIA would use my ability to prevent disaster but no, those retards only have more stupid ideas that ultimately leads to the end of the USA.

          This is my miserable life in the USA

          If it is any consolation to those who have been terrorized by the CIA, the CIA will have a horrible end. Several CIA agents, handlers and managers will be tried and publicly executed. What I saw were beautiful women and handsome tall men who turned out be be CIA killers. Those agents cried and begged for their lives as they died. Many CIA agents spilled everything they knew trying to save themselves. Most were executed a few imprisoned. The CIA was designated a WESTERN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

          This is the future. It will happen.

          Don’t order out. Make your own damn meals. Establish your own sources of food.

          I’ve always had a vegetable garden but starting last year I increased the size by 50% by adding huglekulture beds and plan to increase it by 50% again this year.

          We have 2 freezers and a big cold storage room .. we buy no veggies year round. I’ve got a south facing sun room in which I grow herbs year round in soil and spinach and lettuce in kratke hydroponic pots.

          We also have 4 highly productive apple trees, rasberries and strawberries growing on the property.

          I’m also planning to add some hens and a rooster if I can figure out how to keep them safe from the eagles, hawks, foxes and coyotes we have in abundance around here.

          In the fall we put away a 2 beef tenderloins, half a dozen pork tenderloins, a whole bunch of chicken thighs, ground turkey and ground pork all from our local butcher and we stock up on rice and flour to get us through the winter.

          The only thing we get from the supermarket over the winter is dairy, mushrooms and frozen pizzas … all of which we could do without if push came to shove.

          And of course we grow our own weed.

          I have a semi “hugelkulture”. If there is too much wooden in it, I have to add nitrate to break it down.

          I use some wood because we have a lot of sand and water goes direct below the plants if the the wood dont stopor delay it.

          Hens and roosters has many enemies. I can only recommend, You invest in a good net all around them, on the top and deep in the ground. It might be expensive, but many cry if their hens are killed or gone.

          I had bees and mainly 8 families. It was learned by a teacher with 7 others. We even got 8 mentors to help us the first year. The start is expensive, but I started with 2 families.

          You cant have may bees anywhere. I wanted to have some animals and went to the library. You even can grow snails for the restaurants – with own electric fence(birds and others like snails as well as restaurants).

          I got bees because You ahve to look into them once a week only. Hens are everyday and as You write, You have to guard them too.

          Taking in honey as well as making the honey is hard work. I one year had 10 families and goit 450 kilo honey, but then it wasnt fun and a hobby anymore.

          I can recommend bees. They are better then most TV programs. Unfortunatly I got allergic and was at the hospital twice and had to stop.

          Hens are nice and relative easy. My parents had hens, a rooster and now and then 4-6 chickens.

          I thought about bees … it’s kinda on the back burner though because I have too much on the go already. I’m for the most part retired but I still run a small cabinet shop which keeps me pretty busy.

          There are beekeepers around here who will put a hive on your property and look after it … I get the benefit of the pollinators for the garden and a portion of the honey in return. I have to work out how I keep the dogs away from the hives first.

          This will be the first year we plant on the Hugelkultur beds but our neighbours have had great success with them. I plan on growing mainly butternut squash and pumpkins on them. This year we are growing root vegetables, beans and squash in the main garden and as an experiment I’m growing my leafy greens (lettuce, spinach and kale) hydroponically in a vertical tower garden.

          You have beekeepers polinating Your pnats? Thats fine. But here I sold the honey and we had a lot for Ourself too.

          It was just a proposal. You are right about being old. If You can You can plan and still have an easier and easier garden.

          I have replaced a corner of my garden with 2 apple and 2 peartrees and 3 bushes giving marmelade. Below I now only cut gras.

          ..But I also retook 1 m2, which now hopefully has asparges of the green kind. I dont know Your climate zone. Hee they are verygood and expensive vegatabiles.

          “You have beekeepers polinating Your pnats? Thats fine. But here I sold the honey and we had a lot for Ourself too.”

          I gave it some thought … I even bought a book on beekeeping but I have too much on the go already.

          “But I also retook 1 m2, which now hopefully has asparges of the green kind. I dont know Your climate zone. Hee they are verygood and expensive vegatabiles.”

          I’m in zone 5B but we are on a south facing hillside with full sun from sunup to sundown which gives us a warmer microclimate. My asparagus is just coming in now. I just got in from pruning and tying up my raspberries. Peas are being planted tomorrow

          I tryed to find what zone 5 is. If its like this, its the same as here but differebt too.

          We have varmer winters and coolor summers. But we most years has to grow pepper and tomatoes inside.

          And the deep dark state is only when there is no sun.

          somehow I thought the Montreaux convention allowed nor-black sea riparian states one vessel at the time for 2 or possibly 3 weeks. naturally Nato could just send one vessel from each member state. they would still be just targets for the russians. would be great fun to see the yankee-twats destroyer(s) first go up in flames and then sink to the botton, men and all!

          It’s total tonnage of warships from non-Black Sea states. So the tonnage totals would be cumulative, regardless of flag. But, warships from NATO briefly violated the convention last month, with 31,000 tons in the region for a day or two. It’s how the Western Powers operate they shift the window alittle bit at first then more later, claiming compliance based on loopholes like full load tonnage not counting, or something.

          Just posted the Putin-Crimea ‘Way Home’ Documentary, which shows the USS Donald Cook fleeing from Bastion, 1 hour and 24 minutes into the video.

          Then we have the sailors freaking out, when a Russian whicker basket was flying past the US Destroyer.

          Not forgetting what happened in the Baltic Sea and the same happened to the USS Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt. Just got to love those Zappers.

          Zap zap zap, little April Showers, so comes to mind, when thinking of the USS Donald Cook and the Black Sea, followed by hysterical laughter.

          What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?… What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea? (12 April 2014)

          Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea April 2016 …

          Why didn’t the US sign or ratify the Montreux Convention, back in 1936 or ratify the Convention of the Seas, which is International Law, applied to all Seas and Oceans, including Black Sea and the Arctic Sea, the latter being a different story?

          Why was the Montreal Convention needed and wasn’t it for Turkey to keep itself safe from the US and their aggressive demands?

          Then you have the US Navy, heading the NATO task force, back in 2014, believing that Crimea and the Russian Military Port was up for grabs and Russia would be easy to throw out of it’s military base. So what happened next?

          About 1 hour and 24 minutes into this video, you see the USS Donald Cooke, fleeing from the friendly greeting of the Bastion. That was over 7 years ago and can you imagine what toys Russia has, protecting Crimea almost a decade later? When does the S-500 come into active service? Why were NATO measuring up the curtains and carpets in Sevastopol, when Russia were still leasing the military base and had signed the agreements to remain until 2034? Why were NATO setting up schools in non-NATO Crimea, prior to the self determination vote, in 2014, which led Crimea to return home to Russia?

          Crimea The Way Home EN Subtitles Full Documentary HD…

          If you have not seen the above video, it is well worth watching. Showing how you set up a colour revolution and how you prevent it from happening. A long video, but, easy to watch slowly, one section at a time, if time is limited.

          USA hardly has a single vessel for trade. It also was demilitarized and up to 1938 they only had 400.000 soldiers including the Home Guard.

          Just as for WW1 the USA tryed to avoid being in WW2.

          The Europeans had 99,5% of the USA trade vessels and the USA fokus was at thepacific only.

          The black sea was as unimportant as it could be.

          Maybee You also should ask why Turks as almost the only ones not even has signed the Human Rights convention by UN.

          The United States didn’t try not to be involved in WW2. There was an isolationist wing that didn’t want to be involved and they were politically powerful, but the Administration and the proto-deep state of the time moved the United States to involvement, despite there not really being public support or proper Congressional votes for it. The U.S. Navy began escorting convoys toward the mid-Atlantic line, an act of war. Lend-Lease was also hostile to Germany, in practice, as German ships couldn’t reach American ports to participate. The United States gave the British 50 Destroyers in exchange for 99 year basing rights in the Caribbean, and the U.S. moved it’s Pacific Fleet to Hawaii from the West Coast when France and the Netherlands fell, as a warning to Japan that European colonies in Asia were off limits. Things were more complicated than the USA trying to not be involved.

          You are just as ignorant as most people in the West regarding the importance of naval warfare in the Black and Baltic Seas. The landings and moves using vessels and mines in and around Crimea and Russia’s Black Sea Coast were intense, and tens of thousands of Russian servicemen and civilians gave their lives defending and then retaking the region. Of course, you don’t know about any of that because, D-Day and Amurica, and democracy and all that nonsense.

          I wrote about Bosperus and the Black Sea and why USA had absolutly no reasons to be involved in anything there.

          Lend and lease was later. The extra trade mainly to GB and USSR was paid with 27 and 12 billion dollar or something.

          Sure, there was an escalation. I will remind You that many in USA admired Germany making jobs and they bought a lot from there until WHEN. Dont You have a calender.

          I dont think I ignore things. I ahrdly has commented much from that region at all.

          I ahve commented the Baltics a lot, because Danes now can contact the Baltic countries after the Russians mainly are ion Russia apart from deploying missiles at Kaliningrad.

          Yes, I’ve seen that cartoon before. But note, the USSR kept it’s end of the deal. They exercised control only over the buffer territories as provided for in the agreement and the USSR ensured that all the natural resources specified as being supplied by the USSR to Germany flowed on time. In fact, the night that Germany assaulted Red Army positions, the Wehrmacht waited until all the early morning supply trains came across the border one last shipment for the Reich before violating after 21 months a non-aggression pact that was supposed to last for 120. In the end, Germany violated the agreement and attacked the Soviet Union.

          Remind me, who was the only leader that never signed an agreement with Adolf? Wasn’t it Stalin? Even Churchill signed an agreement with Adolf, but, nobody mentions that.

          ” Remind me, who was the only leader that never signed an agreement with Adolf? Wasn’t it Stalin? ”

          Come on guy you make this too easy.

          The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was a non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union that enabled those two powers to partition Poland between them.

          The German–Soviet Credit Agreement (also referred to as the German–Soviet Trade and Credit Agreement)[1] was an economic arrangement between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union whereby the latter received an acceptance credit of 200 million Reichsmark over 7 years with an effective interest rate of 4.5 percent

          The German-Soviet Treaty of Friendship was a secret supplementary protocol of the 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact, signed on September 28, 1939, by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union after their joint invasion and occupation of sovereign Poland that delineated the spheres of interest between the two powers.

          OK, but, which nations signed the Munich Agreement, back in 1938, and why do United Kingdom, France and Italy come to mind? In fact what was the Munich Agreement all about and how did it work for Czechoslovakia? Didn’t Poland find the agreement was to their advantage and genuine question?

          I am just very slowly reading ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ by David Talbot. What I found interesting, was the fact that Allen Dulles, the first CIA Director, who set up ‘Operation Paperclip’, was so close to the Nanzis. His brother was also an investment banker or was he a lawyer working for an investment bank, anyway besides the point. The brothers clients were heavily investing in the Nanzi investments and Allen Dulles, was sent over to Switzerland, where he had more in common with the Nanzis, lurking in the area, then his own people. Then you had the father, a clergyman, and part of his education was via a German school.

          Ironic, how the CIA has worked so closely with the Nanzis and nobody noticed, let alone complained. When Allen Dulles left the CIA, I do believe he was involved setting up the Nanzi Atlantic Council, finding many positions for those he provided safe passage, courtesy Operation Paperclip.

          ” Ironic, how the CIA has worked so closely with the Nanzis and nobody noticed, let alone complained. ”

          Isn’t it also funny how the Soviet Union did the exact same thing ?

          But, I have always said that the same people created the Bolsheviks, created the Nanzis. Together with Allen Dulles and the first CIA Exercise provided safe passage for both Bolshevik and Nanzi elite. We have been played all our lives and continue to be played.

          The US was in full war preparations in 1939 and probably even earlier. World history is not as it seems.

          ” Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish handswhen bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps . President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.” (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.) “

          Did Israel ever sign the Human Rights Convention in the UN? Or the chemical weapons convention? Or any treaties to do with nuclear armament? Remember, Israel is the only nation in the Middle East to have nuclear weapons and never signs anything coming out of the UN, good or bad.

          ” never signs anything coming out of the UN, good or bad. ”

          Maybe Israhell is smarter then the other nations. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free ?

          The UK government warmongers are again stirring the poo as we all can see.
          Do these people really think that Russia will surrender?

          If they do, there is an asylum waiting for them.

          Will you be celebrating in a cold beer garden next week, after showing your ‘papers’, AM?

          Haven’t got any papers to show and not many beer gardens where I live, sadly. Dying for a white wine and soda, but, indoors. The local rugby club, last year decided to use their grounds as a mega beer garden, last year and kept them going this year. Do believe they are going to do the same again. Might get around to checking them out, but, want the pubs open to the public, like pre-covid days.

          I agree.
          I have no intention of being in a medical experiments that are still in their ’emergency use trials stage’s’.

          The obfuscation of data by Boris and his coterie of expert charlatan’s does not promote any confidence. The EU is as bad of worse.

          There has been a trickle of dissenting voices in recent weeks. Lord Sumptons opinions being just one.

          The question is whether the dissenting voices are genuine or not.
          On ballance I think that they are. This might be because the ‘establishment’ dissenting voices are losing some of their influence, rather than their love for the general population.

          It did not surprise me that Cameron had his snout in the Lex Greensill pot of cash. :)

          With the V, if they had a debate, with regards both sides of the story and presented the pros and cons, then I would have more confidence in it all and perhaps accept the toxins, associated with it all. However, they refused, which automatically makes you suspicious. Together with the special advisers, and not just SAGE Vaccine industry crowd, but the High Tech crowd, who demand all medical records of the UK citizens. Can you imagine it, Facebook and Twitter in charge of your medical history and all the rest that goes with it? Then you have a guy with a lust for eugenics, who is running the show, plus, what are the pros and cons of gene therapy, which comes with the vaccine? Does not inspire confidence. Then, just like the US (Texas), it is open borders, anybody turning up who don’t get tested, whilst we embrace lockdown, and the masses appear to enjoy being masked and locked up. Something of the Max Mosely’s about them, I guess.

          Then you have ‘heir to Blair’ Cameron, and his lust for pigs, whether his snout is in the trough or his private parts are in the mouth, he sure has a thing about pigs. At least he was honest about his ambitions to become Blair’s heir, but, cannot see Samantha as Cherie’s heir?

          I do find it strange, watching the tribute show to Prince Philip and all he achieved and stood for, how the same Wokey Crowd are presenting the show. The same mob, that were fully supportive of Meghan claiming the family were racist, without naming names. Whether you like Philip or not, he was a character, spoke his mind and came with the ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude, acquired by quite a tough childhood. His grandson thought he had it bad, losing his mother, but, being born on the dining room table, your mother in a mental home and your dad hardly around, whilst you are exiled at the age of 1, I do believe tops the whinging grandsons reasons to be unhappy with life.

          NO way, Anne-Marie: ‘and perhaps accept the toxins’ – it’s FAR worse than that, it’s PERMANENT genetic modification, MADerna calls its ‘vaccine’ ‘software’. In short, BOTH pfizer’s & MADerna’s ‘vaccines’ are SATANIC. Go and look up Yeadon, see what he says (thought you knew about him already).

          I said if they had a two way argument, with all pros and cons discussed. Which will never happen, owing to the reasons I gave. Oligarchs, High Tech and Vaccie Industry control the politicians.

          However, if the debate was transparent, I would have more trust in it and hypothetically, possibly, accept the toxins. Although, it would have to be seriously convincing. Which it will never be.

          It will be fascinating to see how the great unwashed masses, who have not even been scheduled for a life taking therapy, react to those pubs, shops etc that refuse entry without a ‘yes your in’ mark on an app :)

          As I have said before, our so called leaders, are in a great hurry to place us all in a Control Grid for some reason. They fear something and all they care about is their survival. That being the case, do they a general fear a global tsunami of bankruptcy that would require Marshall Law on steroids to control ?
          OR something else :)

          Read this, posted by (by not authored by) Russell Bonner Bentley in Donetsk:

          Again and again I’ve said that the Donbass armies were stopped by the Putinist regime from taking Slovyansk and Mariupol. Here they agree with me. The Putin worshippers like the Faker keep claiming that it was the Donbass forces themselves who stopped because of the “threat of being surrounded.”

          This has been known for years. Putin stopped the Donbass offensive just like he stopped the Idlib offensive. Not to mention, that he insisted all Western troops were allowed to be extracted unharmed. Read about the Debaltsevo cauldron for starters.

          This *has* been known for years, but mentioning it on the White Russian emigre hypocrite Andrei Raevsky’s Junkyard Of The Faker will get you banned and called a “low IQ troll”.

          The problem with you two trolls is instead of maintaining the context Putin’s statements are cherry picked, as any half-assed honest people conduct themselves, all the rest of the content is
          “forgotten,” and your Zionist Khazar programmers provide you with the narrative they wish to project. You rush to place the corrupted narrative into the comments, then wait to use your ad hominem basic training, in place of whatever rational argument you’re incapable of forming.
          Given the fact Ukraine has been stopped in it’s tracks, failing to reach it’s objectives, being slapped down hard at every attempt to advance, regardless of the amount of weapons US Government throws at Ukraine’s military to tilt the balance in UAF direction.
          Since it’s doubtful you’re able to entertain both sides of any argument at the same time, and so any hope of considering the subject at a logical level far beyond your grasp, attempting to explain strategy at the Geopolitical is an excersise in futility.
          The big boy’s know what they’re doing, and no one believes your silly-ass fake narrative in the first place. Are you paid based on the number of down votes your nonsense receives ?

          This isn’t a show of strength. Those ships are going to be massively outgunned and vunerable. If this was really a tactical move then they could easily deliver the same firepower via air power from a multitude of NATO airbases or even carrier / subs in the Aegean sea.

          These ships are tethered goats daring the Russians to sink them … or better yet setting up a false flag.

          “An unnamed official from the Department of Defense…”

          In other words, CNN made this shit up.

          No they dont. Its allow to make guessings where we live and by that use “consider” as a relevant possibility.

          “Unnamed” can be made up or a silent true message.

          jens found in orphanage–named by LGBT sex trafficker

          We try to take well care of any. It pays off. LGHTs are allowed and accepted well here … mainly well accepted.

          No, Western MSM, exists to parrot the content given it by US military PsyOps, and propaganda.

          I think so. We see none of this in the news apart from what Biden said about Putin.

          Any ship we send to the Black Sea will only serve to raise the sea level by a fraction of a millimeter when it rests on the bottom of the sea floor.

          Here’s the thing, it’s easy to sail in to the Black-sea, the difficulties start when you want to leave.

          stupid is as stupid does…what kind of ships are going to be able to operate in a closed body of water like the black sea…perhaps some that defy physics

          They operate under the principle that Russia, China, wont do a damn thing to harm any US assets. As proven in Syria, Iraq , and the South China sea. The US will plant itself there and dare anyone to do something about it.

          Not true, Russia simply refuses to engage, and so give the West what it desires. This is very frustrating to arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics that have become accustomed to being given whatever they desire, instantly.
          Leaving Western leaders at a loss to explain such unacceptable behavior.
          Inevitably, they’ll come up with their own explanation. That their chosen enemy refuses to fight due to inbred cowardice, inability to develop adequate weapons, train their conscript’s in military practices, and/or otherwise defend themselves, and country from the superior superpower. Convinced there can be no other answers, the bully’s do what has worked in other small, poor country’s US military is able to overwhelm with it’s large forces.
          These action’s rarely being lasting success, and more often than not eventually lead to US military forces being driven out of the country the resources are being stolen. Puppet Governments, installed by Western Government’s to serve City of London interest’s, almost always end up turning on their master’s, as was most notably demonstrated by Saddam Hussein in the Iraq wars. Ultimately he failed, unlike neighboring Iran, which succeeded despite Overwhelming economic sanctions, that increased over the past 42 year’s, and 8 year war against Iraq directed by The City of London to punish Iran for it’s audacity to take their country back from the control of the criminal Cabal. Nothing the Cabal has visited upon Iran has succeeded in strangling the country to death. Slowing Iran’s growth has been the best the Cabal managed to achieve. Then only in limited ways.
          Now highly industrialized, with world class technology, and manufacturing capabilities, self-sufficient in raw materials, and a leader in electronics technology, military technology, medical technology, Research, and Development in all area’s of scientific advancement.
          With it’s long time allies, sharing technology in economic, and military subjects, Iran gained manufacturing capabilities to produce it’s own replacement parts for US made aircraft, putting an end to being forced to rely on questionable sources to supply parts.
          Iran’s war production using advanced military technology it largely developed has built it’s military forces into a strong regional power, capable of defending itself from even US military attack. US military was shocked to discover it cannot defeat Iran in conventional war today. Iran’s Russian ally advised Western Government’s, any attempt to use nuclear weapons against Russia, and/or it’s allies will be responded to with a counter-attack no Government on earth is capable of defending against today. Western military technology is decades behind, and the distance is increasing. By the time it develops the technology to match Russia’s capabilities today, Russia will have developed new technology that has no analog. China, also has this advanced technology in use, Iran is very close to possessing this technology, Iran’s military hardware is world class, particularly in missile defense systems, drone technology, electronic warfare.
          Armor, and aircraft technology is advancing since it’s gained the ability to produce the exotic alloys necessary, and the machining, heat treating, etc., capabilities to produce precision components.
          The West was surprised yet again to find Iran had managed to overcome their best efforts to prevent Iran advancing these capabilities.

          Watch the video: Lost Places Russland: Darum ist die sibirische U-Bahn in Omsk heute ein verlassener Ort. Galileo (May 2022).